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In the solar industry, Jinko Solar Panels is one of the most renowned solar manufacturing companies worldwide. The company operates eight production facilities located in China, Malaysia, South Africa, and Portugal, with a staff of over 1500 employees.

Jinko Solar is well-known for its utilization of integrated advanced polycrystalline solar PV technologies. The company has earned a reputation for creating reliable and cost-effective PV modules. To maintain its leadership position in the industry, the company invests in the development of new solar technologies to enhance panel production.

Jinko Solar offers PV modules in various sizes and models, with prices varying depending on the module size, efficiency, technology, and other features.

jinko solar panels uk

Why Choose Jinko Solar Panels for Your UK Home?

There are many reasons why you should choose Jinko Solar panels for your UK home. Jinko solar panels are highly efficient, have a longer lifespan, are available at a competitive price, and come in a wide range of options. These factors alone make them a top choice. Additionally, Jinko Solar has a well-reputed track record, being in the business for the last 20 years. Over time, they have evolved into a leading company in the industry.

Jinko Solar manufactures Tier 1 solar panels, known for their high efficiency, ability to yield more energy, and extended durability.

jinko solar panels uk

Key Features of Jinko Solar Panel UK

Here are some basic features of Jinko solar panels UK:

High efficiency

Jinko panels are some of the most efficient solar panels on the market, with an efficiency of up to 21.1%. This means that they can generate more power from the same amount of sunlight, which can save you money on your energy bills.

Long lifespan

Jinko panels comes with a longer life of 25 years or more, so you can be sure that your investment will be protected. With Jinko solar panels you reduce your electricity for almost next 3 decades.

Competitive prices

Jinko panels are very competitively priced, so you can get high-quality solar panels without breaking the bank. Jinko solar panels in the UK are quite pocket friendly and affordable to most of the customers.

Advanced technology

Jinko solar panels use advanced technology to improve their efficiency and performance. For example, they use half-cell technology, which can improve efficiency by up to 5%. Their modern technology make it the first choice for solar energy production.


Jinko solar panels are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them a good choice for the UK climate. They are designed to bear the snow and wind pressure.


Jinko solar panels come with a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear power output warranty. This means that you can be sure that your panels will perform as expected for many years to come.

Jinko Solar Panels UK and The UK’s Solar Market

Jinko Solar panels have found a significant market share in the UK’s solar industry. Their high efficiency and reliability make them an attractive choice for both residential rooftop installations and larger commercial or utility-scale projects.

With the UK government’s feed-in tariff (FiT) and the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) schemes, homeowners and businesses can benefit from incentives that promote solar energy adoption. These schemes allow solar panel owners to earn money by exporting excess electricity back to the grid. The high efficiency of Jinko Solar panels in the UK can enhance these benefits by maximizing the amount of electricity generated.

Furthermore, the UK’s commitment to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 has driven the demand for sustainable energy sources. As solar technology continues to improve, Jinko Solar’s cutting-edge products are likely to play a crucial role in meeting these ambitious targets.

Jinko Solar Panels Product Price Range

Jinko Solar provides top ranked solar panels in different models and sizes, all use the advance technology and are highly efficient and reliable. some of the most reliable Jinko solar panels in the Uk are as follows:  

Product NameEstimated Price (VAT not included)
Tiger Neo N-type 60HL4 475 Watt  £250 – £280
Jinko Tiger 66TR P-Type  £130 to £150
Jinko Tiger Neo 420-Watt N-Type Monocrystalline  £160 – £190
Jinko Tiger Neo 430-Watt  £175 – £190
Jinko 305W Cheetah Monocrystalline PERC MAXIM Cell Optimised Solar Panel  £130 – £160
Jinko 400W Tiger N-Type All Black Monocrystalline Solar Panel  £150 – £180
Jinko Tiger Neo 425W TOPCon N-Type Solar Panel  £160 – £190
Jinko Tiger Neo 435W TOPCon All Black Monocrystalline Solar Panel  £165 – £190
Jinko Tiger Neo 54c 415W N-Type  £170 – £200
Jinko Tiger Neo 54c 430W N-Type  £170 – £200
Jinko 355W Tiger N-Type All Black Monocrystalline Solar Panel  £130 – £150
Jinko 380W Tiger N-Type Monocrystalline Solar Panel  £140 – £170
Jinko 325W Cheetah Mono PERC MAXIM Power Optimized Solar Panel  £120 – £150
Caption – Table of Jinko Solar panels prices

Tiger Neo N-Type 60HL4 475 Watt

The latest Jinko Tiger model is a highly efficient solar panel with an efficiency rate of 23.53%. It utilizes N-type TopCon technology, offering three main features: higher bifacial factor, reduced performance decline over time, and lower temperature coefficient. With a 12-year product and 30-year linear power warranty, these panels are a reliable and long-lasting choice for solar energy needs.

jinko solar panels tiger Neo 475

Price Tiger Neo N-Type 475-Watt Jinko Solar Panels In The UK

  • The 475-watt Tiger Neo N-type Jinko solar panel price in the UK falls between £250 and £280, excluding tax.

Jinko Tiger 66TR P-Type

Jinko Tiger 66TR P-type solar panels use the Mono facial Framem Module P technology, making them ideal for domestic and commercial applications due to their high efficiency, reliability, and extended warranty. This PV module boasts a positive power tolerance of 0 to 3%. Additionally, the half-cell technology eliminates the cell gap, resulting in increased module efficiency. Jinko solar panels in the UK are highly popular, primarily because of their mere 2% degradation in the first year and an extended 25-year warranty.

Jinko Tiger 66TR P-Type

Tiger 66TR P-Type Jinko Solar Panels Price in The UK

  • Jinko P-type solar panels are quite impressive models, and they can be purchased for a price ranging from £130 to £150.

Jinko Tiger Neo 420-Watt N-Type All Black Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Jinko’s latest Tiger Neo model is packed with advanced technology that has attracted more customers. The new 420-watt N-type all-black monocrystalline solar panels come with the latest features and technology, delivering guaranteed safety, reliability, and high-power performance. The model uses Hot 2.0 Technology, which enhances reliability and reduces LID/LETID. Additionally, the warranty is also very generous, offering a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year power warranty

features of Jinko Tiger Neo 420-Watt N-Type All Black Monocrystalline Solar Panel


Tiger Neo 420-Watt Jinko Solar Panels Price in The UK

  • Despite being high in efficiency, reliability, and performance, the module is yet affordable and budget-friendly. The Tiger 420-watt price for Jinko solar panels in the UK is around £160, excluding tax, and with tax, the price can go up to £190

Jinko Tiger Neo 430-Watt

Jinko’s cutting-edge Tiger Neo model has garnered significant attention for its advanced technology. These state-of-the-art 430-watt Jinko solar panels incorporate the latest features, ensuring unrivaled safety, reliability, and high-power performance. The utilization of Hot 2.0 Technology further enhances their dependability while reducing LID/LETID concerns.  Moreover, the panel’s warranty is remarkably comprehensive, providing a 12-year product warranty and an impressive 25-year power warranty.

Jinko Tiger Neo 430-Watt

Tiger Neo 430-Watt Jinko Solar Panels Price in The UK

  • You can buy the Tiger 430-watt Jinko solar panel for just £175, excluding tax.


We would like to notify all readers and aspirants that the given prices of Jinko solar panels in the UK are just estimates. The solar industry is constantly evolving, and prices may fluctuate on a weekly basis. As a result, you may find the prices have increased or decreased at the time you visit this page. Therefore, the price of Jinko solar panels in the UK is not guaranteed or fixed.


Jinko solar panels have earned global popularity, and in the UK, they’ve become a dominant force in the solar industry. With up to 24% efficiency and a reliable 25-year warranty, these panels offer a powerful and long-lasting energy solution.

The diverse range of Jinko models ensures there’s an ideal fit for every need. Embrace the power of the sun with confidence, knowing Jinko’s cutting-edge technology will brighten your path to a greener future.

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