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3kW Solar System

Over 1.3 Million Households in the UK are Now Generating Electricity From Solar

It’s not surprising that UK households are switching to renewable energy sources at an all-time high pace. Over 1.3 million households in the UK are now generating their own electricity by harnessing solar energy. 

Small houses with 2-3 occupants often seek a solar PV system that can meet their electricity needs and reduce their monthly utility bills. A 3kW solar system is the ideal solution for such homes in the UK. The system has the power to produce almost 2400 kWh of electricity annually, which is enough to power most home appliances that are used by a couple of people in a house. It is cost-effective and provides uninterrupted electricity for approximately 25 years, making the house more energy-efficient.

A 3kW solar panel system is typically suitable for small 2-bedroom houses, and the installation cost is £4,000. If you opt hybrid system the cost for a 3kw solar system with a battery will range from £7,000 to £8,500, depending on the battery brands you select.

MAK Energy, with years of experience under its umbrella and certified professional installers, provides you with systems that last longer. Our 3kW solar PV system will also help you save almost £500 every year. To receive free quotations and a complimentary online survey for your home or business, simply fill out our form, which will only take a minute. Our experts will connect you with our premier and customized solutions.

3kW Solar Solution (with, without)

Average Price Of a 3kw Solar System

The average price for a 3kW solar system without a battery in the UK is around £4,000. This cost includes the solar panels, mounting structure, installation charges and other compulsory components. However, if you plan to have a hybrid PV system, the price for a 3kW solar system with a battery will be around £7,000- £8,500. The notable thing is that the overall price of the system can vary depending on the quality of the components. As is commonly known, higher product quality typically comes with a higher price tag, but it also offers increased efficiency and productivity. In most cases, the price for a 3kW solar system without battery in the UK will not exceed £4,000. However, if you prioritize product quality and are willing to pay more, you may need to budget more than that.

Key Components of 3kW Solar System  

Solar Panels

The first and foremost component of any solar system is panels. They are like a grid that generates electricity using solar power. The choice of the number of solar panels and the brand for your 3kW PV system depends on your requirements and the available space. For 405-watt solar panels, you will need approximately 8 panels. However, you have the flexibility to choose higher or lower-sized panels based on your specific requirements.

3kw solar system uk

It’s important to keep in mind that as the number of panels increases, more installation space will be needed for the system.

Wattage No. of Panels


The quality of the solar inverter directly impacts the production of the system, as it processes the solar energy and converts the panels’ produced electricity (DC) into usable home electricity (AC). In the UK, a 3kW solar inverter is commonly used in homes as it matches the energy requirements of a typical household. There are several reputable brands in the market that offer affordable and efficient 3kW inverters and here is the list of some of the top inverters in the market.

Here Are Some of The Best 3kw Solar Inverters on The Market:

Brand Best Description
Fox Ess
High-quality, reliable inverter with a long warranty.
Versatile inverter that can be used for a variety of applications.
Advanced inverter with smart features that can help you save money.
Popular and affordable inverter with a good reputation.
Advanced inverter with smart features that can help you save money.
Good value for money inverter with a wide range of features.

Batteries (optional)

Most households prefer to install batteries with their PV system due to its efficient energy production and cost-effective nature. However, when considering the addition of a battery to your 3kW solar panels system, it is important to conduct thorough research before making a purchase. To assist you in your search, we have compiled a list of some of the best batteries available in the UK and the list of solar batteries you can install with your 3kW solar panel kit.

3kw solar system price with Different Batteries

Battery Brand Cost Battery Size
Fox Ess
LG Chem

Mounting Structure  

Your solar panels are physically attached to your current roof by a mounting system, often called a racking system. This is a crucial part of a solar system that will guarantee your solar array stays firmly secured during hail, wind and rain. The type and form of roof your home has will decide whether or not a solar supplier needs to remove tiles in order to install your mounting system.

What Appliances Can I Run On 3kw Solar Panel System

A 3kW solar system has the capacity to power most of the appliances in a small house with 2 bedrooms. To determine if your appliances can be supported by a 3kW solar system, you can check your monthly unit consumption. If it is around 2000 kWh, a 3kW panel system should be able to run most of your appliances. Here are some examples of appliances that can easily be powered by a 3kW solar panel system in the UK:

LED Lights LED TV Laptop
Washing Machine

Find the Right Solar Installer in UK?

To maximize the output of your solar panel system, it is crucial to have it professionally installed. If you are considering investing in solar-powered energy and searching for the best solar system installer and supplier in the UK, we have the solution for your query. MAK Energy, with a track record of successfully installed systems across the UK, stands out in the market. We are an MCS-certified company. Fill out our form and receive the best quotation from our expert installers in just minutes.


A 3kW solar system is the ideal choice for small houses in the UK, offering efficient energy production and cost-effectiveness. The price of a 3kW solar panel kit in the UK is £4,000 without a battery. If you opt for a 3kW solar system with battery in UK, the price will be around £7,000 – £8,500. This system is capable of generating approximately 2400 kWh of electricity annually, resulting in savings of nearly £500 per year. The initial price of a 3kW solar system may not be too high, but it provides ample electricity for small houses with 2-3 occupants. If you’re looking for the best and top-quality PV systems for your home or business, our company can assist you. At MAK Energy, we specialize in providing high-quality solar system installations at competitive prices. As an MCS-certified company with a proven track record of successful installations across the UK, we are committed to delivering excellent service and expertise. Fill out our form today to receive a customized quotation from our expert installers, tailored to your specific needs.


The prices are subject to survey, the estimated savings are based on KWh production which is dependent on number of factors including system size, location, orientation, and angle.


What Benefits Can I Get by Installing a 3kw Solar System in the Uk?
  • Payback period of approximately 10 years after installation
  •  Nearly free electricity production for the next 15 years
  • Increased property value
  • Enhanced energy independence
  • Minimal maintenance expenses
Is 3kw Enough to Power a House?

Yes! The system is ideally suited for homes with 2-3 occupants or those with just 2 bedrooms. If you consider your annual energy consumption and it amounts to 2400 kWh, regardless of the size of your home or the number of people living there, a 3kW solar panel kit is the best choice to increase energy efficiency and reduce reliance on the electricity grid.

How Much Power Does A 3kw Solar System Produce?

A typically 3kW solar Panels system approximately produces 2400 kWh electricity per year. The electricity generation can slightly increase or decrease in different cases, such as the number of sunlight hours can slightly make a difference, efficiency of solar panels, inverter capacity and the direction of your solar panel potentially reduce or surpass the estimated production of a 3kw solar panel system.

How Much Can I Save By Installing a 3 KW Solar System?

On average, with a 3kW solar panel system, you can save up to £500 annually. However, if you also have batteries with it, your savings will be even higher.

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