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8kW Solar System

The Essential Part of Installing a Solar PV System is Determining the Right Size

The essential part of installing a solar PV system is determining the appropriate size for your needs. To determine the best size, there are several factors that you should carefully consider. These factors include your energy consumption, the number of people living in your house, your budget and the available roof size.

For houses that consume approximately 6400-8000kWh annually, an 8kW solar system is well-suited. Larger houses tend to consume more electricity than the average, resulting in higher electricity bills. By installing an 8kW solar system, these larger houses can save more on their electricity expenses compared to an average-sized house. Additionally, small businesses that use less than 8000kWh of electricity annually can also benefit from this system.

Regarding the price of the system, an 8kW solar system price in UK starts from £8,000, the cost includes the inverter, mounting structure and installation charges. While the initial cost may seem high, this system has the capacity to provide sufficient electricity for a large home with approximately 8-10 occupants. However, the actual cost can vary depending on the brand of solar panels, the type of installation and the addition of batteries. If you plan to add batteries for backup purposes, the cost of an 8kW solar system with batteries in UK will increase to around £11,000 £12,500.

8kW solar system price without Battery

Is there anything you are concerned about regarding the 8kW solar system without batteries in UK? MAK Energy is always here to assist you and answer all your queries. Take advantage of our free quote, online survey and significantly lower prices compared to the market.

What is an 8kW Solar System?

An 8kW system can generate 6400 to 8000kWh annually. On average, an 8kW solar system produces 28-32kWh per day, which is sufficient for large houses or small businesses such as offices, supermarkets, and warehouses with moderate energy consumption. The system includes solar panels, an inverter and 8kw battery storage (in the case of installing a hybrid 8kW solar system).

How Much Does An 8kW Solar System in the UK Cost?

An 8kW solar system price in the UK, inclusive of mounting structure and installation charges, is more or less £8,000. This comprehensive system comprises 18-21 solar panels, each with a capacity of 375-435 watts and an 8kW inverter that efficiently converts DC to AC for household usage.

However, it’s important to consider that the price of an 8kW solar system UK may increase if you opt for higher quality or branded solar panels and inverters. Rest assured, the provided price range is an estimate, and in most cases, the cost will fall within this range.

How Much Does An 8kW Solar System Produce Per Month?

An 8kW solar system in UK can generate approximately 6400 to 8000 kWh per year, with an average monthly generation ranging from 600 kWh to 700 kWh. It’s important to note that the actual generation may vary based on factors such as the number of sun hours your panels receive, the location of the solar system, and the performance of the components used in the system. Nevertheless, an 8kW solar system in UK will still be more than sufficient to produce electricity for both large houses and small businesses.

How Much Does an 8kW Solar System with Batteries Cost in UK

An 8kW solar system with batteries in UK offers flexibility and the cost will depend on the number and capacity of the batteries you choose to add. On average, an 8kW solar system with battery price in Uk is around £11,000 £12,500. It’s important to consider your energy consumption needs during the night when determining the number of batteries required. Adding more batteries will increase the overall cost of the system, but it provides greater energy availability during periods of high demand.

8kW solar system price with Battery

It’s important to keep in mind that as the number of panels increases, more installation space will be needed for the system.

How Many Batteries Does an 8kW Solar System Take?

The incorporation of batteries with an 8kW solar system is contingent upon your energy requirements and the capacity of each individual battery. A common practice in the UK is to use two 5.2kWh batteries alongside an 8kW solar system. However, you also have the option to include a single 10kWh battery or a multiple 5kWh battery.

How Many Solar Panel Do I Need For 8kW Per Day?

For an 8kW solar system, you will need a total of 18-21 solar panels, with each panel having a capacity of 375-435 watts. However, if you opt for smaller or larger-sized panels, the number of panels needed will vary accordingly. Choosing different sizes of solar panels will either increase or decrease the overall quantity required for your 8kW solar system.

8kw solar system panels

Can A 8kW Inverter Run a House?

Yes, an 8kW inverter can run a house in most cases. The amount of electricity that an 8kW inverter can convert will depend on the size and efficiency of the solar panels, the amount of sunlight in your area, and the tilt and orientation of your roof. However, in general, an 8kW inverter can convert enough power to meet the needs of large house.

How Much Roof Space Do I Need For 8kw Solar System In UK?

The amount of space you need for an 8kW solar system installation will depend on the size and efficiency of the solar panels you choose. However, in general, you will need between 45 and 60 square meters of roof space for an 8kW solar system.

The following factors will affect the amount of space you need for your solar system:

The Size of The Solar Panels

The size of the solar panels can impact the space they will cover. If you choose smaller-sized solar panels, you will need a higher number of panels, which will require more space for installation. On the other hand, opting for larger-sized panels will decrease the number of panels needed but will also reduce the overall space required for installation.

The Efficiency of The Solar Panels

Some solar panels are highly efficient. If you install a larger-sized solar system with these efficient panels, the number of panels required will decrease, and they will cover less space. Conversely, if the panels are less efficient, you will need more solar panels, and they will cover more space.

The Spacing Between the Solar Panels

You will need to leave some space between the solar panels to allow for airflow. This will help to prevent the solar panels from overheating.



The 8kW solar system price in UK may initially seem high, but it is a worthwhile investment for large houses. Large houses often incur high monthly electricity bills, but with an 8kW system and 8kW battery storage, they can save thousands of pounds each month. If you are unsure about your consumption, take a look at your electricity bill and assess whether you fall into the category of those who consume approximately 6400kWh to 8000kWh annually. The estimated 8kW solar system price in UK is around £8,000 However, with the inclusion of a storage system, the 8kW solar system with batteries cost in UK will be approximately £11,000 £12,500.


The prices are subject to survey, the estimated savings are based on KWh production which is dependent on number of factors including system size, location, orientation, and angle.

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