Solar Thermal is a Great Investment for Your Home

No Carbon Dioxide Emission

Cost Savings

Reduce Carbon FootPrint

Solar Water Heater for your Property

Solar Water Heater

Solar water heater systems utilize panels known as collectors, which are installed on your roof to collect heat from the sun. Solar thermal panels are not to be confused with solar panels; these two are very different technologies. Their working is quite simple: they absorb heat from the sun, and then this heated fluid runs from the collector to the water cylinder and provide you a free hot water.

Solar thermal panels come in different ranges, such as solar pool heaters for swimming pools and solar heating systems for domestic and commercial use. The heating system is further divided into two types: passive and active. Active heating systems harness thermal energy from the sun to heat either the space or domestic water. A passive solar heating system relies on the building’s structure to gather the heat.

Benefits of Solar Thermal Panels Heaters

Solar thermal panels come with a longer lifespan, require very low maintenance and are very cheap to run. They can lower your heating expenses by up to 50%, while reducing carbon footprints. Solar thermal panels are an intelligent and sustainable solution for your heating needs, especially with the rising cost of energy and growing environmental awareness. These systems can effectively heat the water in your home and your swimming pool using solar energy.

Key benefits of solar thermal panels

  • Provides hot water to your home
  • Reduces your Carbon Footprint.
  • Extends the expected life of your residential hot water tank by dramatically reducing scaling.
  • Professional service, advice, and installation – from qualified tradespeople
solar thermal installed on rooftop

Solar Pool Heater for your Property

Solar Pool Heater

Solar pool heating systems are a smart investment for those who love to swim but are concerned about energy costs and their environmental impact. Solar pool heater uses the sun’s energy to heat the pool water, reducing the need for costly and unsustainable alternatives like gas or electric heaters. They are easy to maintain, require minimal upkeep and can significantly extend the swimming season. By investing in a solar water heater, you’ll not only save money on energy costs but also reduce your carbon footprint. Enjoy a warm pool all year round with this sustainable and eco-friendly solar pool heater.

Benefits of solar pool heater

  1. Heats your pool to a warm, comfortable temperature by using solar panel heating.
  2. Help protect you from rising energy costs by using free renewable energy from the sun to heat your pool.
  3. Dramatically reduces or eliminates pool heating costs.
  4. Have the lowest maintenance costs
  5. Doubles your swim season with luxuriously warm water.

Best Solar Thermal Brands for your Home

Viessmann Solar Thermal

Viessmann solar thermal heaters are compatible with most of other heating solutions, yet they offer the highest levels of efficiency, reliability and durability. Viessmann is a company dedicated to providing a wide range of heating solutions, including Viessmann solar thermal heating systems and solar hot water systems. Their solar thermal panel products are designed with quality and innovation in mind, ensuring they are both efficient and sustainable. Viessmann offers an extensive range of solar thermal products that cater to any heating need, whether for domestic or commercial use, including solar hot water systems.

Viessmann’s solar thermal products include the Vitosol 200-TM flat-plate collector, the Vitosol 300-T, Vitosol DHW Solar Pack, and Vitosol 300-TM. All of these products are durable and efficient, and can withstand harsh weather conditions, backed by warranties ranging from 5 to 10 years.

For large-scale commercial applications, the Vitosol 300-T high-performance tube collector is a versatile and high-performing option that is easy to install and maintain. It is also backed by a 10-year warranty. The Vitosol DHW Solar Pack is an all-in-one solar hot water system that is compact and easy to install, making it an ideal solution for households. The Vitosol Heating System with Vitosol 300-TM collector is a complete solar thermal panel heating system that provides efficient space heating and domestic hot water, making it perfect for homes and businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on energy costs. With Viessmann commitment to quality and innovation, you can trust that their solar thermal products will provide a reliable and sustainable heating solution for your needs.

MAK Energy specializes in supplying and installing all kinds of Viessmann solar thermal heaters and solar water heaters, whether your needs are for hot water or space heating. Let us help you stay warm and cozy all year round with Viessmann’s top-of-the-line heating solutions.

Dimplex Solar Thermal

Dimplex solar thermal panels have the capacity to reach quite high temperatures, ranging between 125°C to 150°C. They are an excellent source of energy for generating heat using a thermoelectric generator. Dimplex, a leading manufacturer, produces top-of-the-line solar thermal panel heaters. The flagship product, the Dimplex water heater system, harnesses the power of the sun to heat portable water for domestic use.

The generators used in dimplex heater produce enough electricity to heat the solar water heater system even when there is a difference in temperature between the collectors. Dimplex solar water heaters also offers a wide range of oil column heaters, which are perfect for heating small spaces like bedrooms or study room.

With features like caster wheels, safety measures and a variety of models to choose from, their heaters are a popular choice across the country. The OCR15FA model, for example, has a sleek radiator design, a thermostat, a turbo fan and a storage compartment for added convenience. Meanwhile, their oil-free column heaters, like the ECR24TIF model, are known to warm up faster than regular heaters. And if you’re looking for a more energy-efficient option, ceramic heaters that use PTC ceramic heating elements are a great choice. Dimplex water heater is not only affordable, but they are also portable and perfect for direct heating in small rooms.

A high-quality heating system is an absolute necessity for every home in the UK, and when it comes to top-of-the-line solar thermal panels heater, MAK Energy is the name to trust. Our range of Dimplex water heater and solar water heater are the most sought after products in the market and with our expertise and commitment to excellence, we provide the best installation service that money can buy. Our team of professionals are MCS certified, ensuring that every installation is of the highest quality. Don’t just take our word for it. Our hundreds of satisfied customers are a testament to our commitment to excellence and top-notch workmanship. Trust MAK Energy to keep you warm and cozy all year round.

Worcester Bosch Solar Thermal

Worcester Bosch solar thermal panels are considered the most reliable in the market, based on factors such as customer satisfaction, product quality, and after-care service. Worcester Bosch is a highly reputable brand in the UK, trusted by millions for their outstanding solar water heater, solar space heating and solar pool heating systems.

Investing in Worcester Greenskies Solar Lifestyle flat plate panels is a wise choice for those seeking a comfortable supply of hot water while reducing their carbon footprint. These panels are incredibly efficient and versatile, allowing for installation on various roof types and can provide hot water from sunrise. And MAK Energy is the top-rated supplier and installer of Worcester Bosch solar thermal panels in the UK, offering unparalleled expertise and experience in the field. As an MCS certified company, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and excellence, ensuring that every installation is completed to the highest standard

Worcester Bosch solar thermal panels are designed to produce power in both direct and diffused sunlight, converting the energy into heat to warm your water. These panels are designed to complement your existing heating system by storing hot water in a cylinder and can meet 50-70% of your hot water needs. With the use of advanced technology and innovative design, Worcester Bosch panels are made from the finest materials and components, ensuring trouble-free service for many years to come. Worcester Bosch offers heating solutions for a range of applications, including water heating systems for homes, businesses, and solar pool heating.

At MAK Energy, we provide everything you need to keep your water and space warm and cozy throughout the year, whether for home or solar pool heating. Get in touch with us today and experience excellent long-term value for money with Worcester Bosch solar heating system.