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4kW Solar System

Why 4kw Solar System is So Popular for Homes in UK?

A 4kW solar system in UK is the most commonly used system for households owing to its capacity to generate enough electricity for 3 to 5 people. Since the average apartment size for occupants living in a single house varies between 3 to 5 people, a 4kW system is designed to meet the needs of such households. In terms of installation cost, a 4kW solar panel system price in UK is approximately £6,000 – £6,500 (without a battery), and the 4kw solar system with battery cost in UK will rise to between £10,000 to £11,000. 

If you contact an MCS-Certified installer for your 4kW panel system installation and have a well-designed installation, you can save up to £900 every year. What more could you ask for when a system meets most of your energy needs and saves you nearly a thousand pounds annually?

Are you planning to install a 4kW solar system on your home rooftop? Or are you still considering whether the 4kW solar panel kits are suitable for your home or not? Or perhaps you’re curious to know the price of a 4kW solar panel system with a battery. Simply get in touch with us to receive a free quotation and a free online survey. These will give you an idea of your energy needs, the best system for your home, and the cost you will incur for your system installation.

4kw solar system price with battery and without battery
Caption – 4kw solar system price with battery and without battery

What Is a 4kW Solar System?

In general, you can say that a 4kW panel system has the power to generate as much electricity as a 3–5-person household needs for a year. Typically, a 4kW solar system in UK is known to produce maximum of 4,000kWh of electricity per year. On average, a 4kW solar panels system can generate between 3,500 to 37,50 kWh of electricity annually. A 4kW solar panels system consist of around 10 panels and a 4kW inverter. If you want an energy backup option, you can add a 4kW battery system for uninterrupted and affordable electricity.

System Size

Panel WattageNumber of PanelsEstimated Annual SavingsEstimated Savings after 25 yearsEstimated Upfront CostRoof Space
4KW Panel System250 watt16£990£24,750£6,000-£6,50029 m²
4KW Panel System Without Battery250 watt16£950 – £1000 £24,750£6,000-£6,50029 m²
4KW Panel System With Battery250 watt16£950 – £1050 £25,500£10,000-£11,00029 m²
  • 4kw solar system price: £6,000 – £6,500
  • 4kw solar system with battery cost: £10,000 to £11,000

What Benefits can I Get by Installing 4kW Solar System?

Solar systems, regardless of their size and capacity, offer various benefits to the owner, including savings on energy bills, clean electricity production, energy independence, increased property value, and more. Here is a list of benefits you can enjoy by installing a 4KW solar system at your home.

  • Payback period of approximately 10 years after installation
  • Nearly free electricity production for the next 15 years
  • Increased property value
  • Enhanced energy independence
  • Minimal maintenance expenses

4kW Solar System Price Without Battery

The 4kW solar system price in the UK will amount to around £5,500-£6,000, depending on various factors such as the number and size of the solar panels, as well as the brand you choose. Another factor that can influence the cost is the 4kW solar inverter price in UK, which is available at different prices and from different brands, and it can impact the overall cost. The location where you plan to install the 4kW panel system can also affect the price. However, considering all these reasons and factors, and based on our years of experience installing 4kW solar panels systems in the UK, you can expect to pay approximately £6,000 to £6,500.

4kw solar system
Caption – 4kw Solar System Price

How Much Does a 4kW Solar System with Battery Cost In UK  

To accurately determine the exact price of a 4kW solar system with battery in the UK is a challenging task due to various factors that come into play. However, on average, a 4kW solar panel system with battery in UK will typically cost between £10,000 and £11,000. The cost of a 4kW solar battery alone is usually around £4,500. Despite their relatively high cost, incorporating a battery into your system brings numerous benefits. It allows you to harness and utilize approximately 30% more solar energy, making you more self-sufficient in terms of energy. By installing a 4kW solar system with battery in UK, you can achieve energy independence, breaking free from reliance on the grid and eliminating the burden of monthly electricity bills.

4kW Solar System

Estimated Price

4kW Solar System without Battery Cost

£5,500 to £6,000

4kW Solar System with Battery Cost

£10,000 to £11,000

4kw solar system with battery uk
Caption – 4kw Solar System with Battery Price

How Much Will A 4kW Solar System Save?

On average, a 4kW solar panel system can save you approximately £900 every year. When we calculate the average savings over 25 years, it amounts to over £22,000 while enjoying free energy. By installing a 4kW solar system with battery in UK, you can experience even greater savings. With reduced reliance on the grid, the amount of electricity you need to draw from it decreases significantly, leading to substantial cost savings.

4kW Solar Inverters In UK

Inverters play a crucial role in a solar system performance as they convert solar energy into electricity for use in homes and business establishments. When it comes to 4kW solar inverter in the UK, there are numerous options available, depending on the type of solar system you have. The 4kW solar inverter price in UK also varies depending on whether it is designed for on-grid, off-grid, or hybrid systems. Some of the best brands you can consider purchasing from include GrowattFronius, SMASolarEdgeGoodWe, and Victron Energy.

4kw solar system inverter
Caption – A Growatt solar system inverter

What Type of 4Kw Inverter Should You Choose for Your Solar PV System? 

An inverter plays a crucial role in optimizing the performance of a solar PV system, so it must be chosen carefully. A 4KW inverter, when carefully selected, can efficiently convert the DC current produced by solar panels into AC for running home appliances. MAK Energy is always ready to assist customers where they need it. Here’s a list of the best 4KW inverters, complete with model names and descriptions.



Best Description


Primo 5.0-1

High-quality, reliable inverter with a long warranty.


Sunny Boy 5.0-1

Popular and affordable inverter with a good reputation.



Advanced inverter with smart features that can help you save money.



Good value for money inverter with a wide range of features.

Victron Energy

MultiPlus 5000VA

Versatile inverter that can be used for a variety of applications.

How Much Electricity Can A 4kw Solar System Produce?

A 4kW solar panel system has the capacity to generate a maximum of 4,000 kWh of electricity per year. However, on average, it typically produces between 3,500 kWh and 3,750 kWh of energy annually. On a bright and sunny day, a 4kW solar system in UK can generate approximately 16 kWh of electricity. Several factors can influence the actual energy production of a 4kW solar panel system.

Here are some of the key factors that can impact its performance.

  • Efficiency of the solar system components
  • Orientation of the panels
  • Location of your house
  • Time of year
  • Shading

Best 4kW Solar Battery in the UK

Huawei 4kW Solar Battery  

Huawei offers a range of storage solutions where top-notch quality meets affordability. Typically, a 4KW solar system is paired with a 5KWh battery. But when it comes to reliability and expanding your energy storage options, look no further than the Huawei Luna 2000. With the ability to accommodate batteries up to a whopping 20KWh capacity, it’s the standout choice. Plus, the added peace of mind comes with a 10-year product warranty, making the Huawei solar battery the go-to option for many homeowners in the UK.

Huawei 4kW Solar Battery Price in UK

The 4KWh Huawei Solar battery is currently available in the UK market at a price range of around £4,500. Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on market conditions. The one mentioned here is just for general reference.

Tesla 4KW Solar Battery  

Tesla needs no introduction when it comes to renewable energy technologies. Tesla’s batteries offer a promising advantage with unlimited rechargeable recycling. While Tesla solar batteries may come at a higher price, their advanced features and extended backup power capacity more than justify the investment. For instance, the Tesla 5.2KWh solar battery can keep household appliances running during an outage for several hours. Additionally, Tesla Batteries come with a robust 10-year warranty, providing peace of mind to customers.

Tesla 4kW Solar battery price in UK  

The price of the Tesla 5kWh solar battery in the UK starts at around £11,000.

Solar Battery Price of Different Brands and Sizes

Each homeowner has unique and varied backup energy needs. For some, the demand for backup power at night might be greater than during the day. In such cases, it prompts the installation of higher-capacity batteries. In this table, we showcase different battery brands along with their power capacities. This makes it easier for you to select the ideal storage battery system for your home.

Battery Brand


Usable Capacity (kWh)

Battery Material

Tesla Powerwall

From £11,000

13.5 kWh



From £4,500



LG Chem RESU 6.5

From £5,500- £7000

6.5 kWh


SolaX 3.3

From £4,010

3.5 kWh


Powervault 3

From £4,470- £5000

4 kWh


Which Battery Capacity Is Best Suited for a 4kW Solar System in the UK?

The 4kW solar system with battery in UK is a popular choice for homes. Many homeowners opt for a battery backup solution to break free from the grid and avoid high electricity bills and the fear of power outages. When it comes to pairing a battery with a 4kW solar panels system, a 5kWh solar battery is commonly used and considered the best option for a household of 3-5 people in the UK. 

4kw solar system solar battery tesla power wall
Caption – 4kw Tesla Powerwall Solar Battery

There are numerous 5 kW solar batteries available in the market, such as Tesla PowerwallSolax3.3LG Chem Resu, and many more. You can select one based on your budget, as there may be slight differences in battery prices. A 4kW solar system with battery cost in UK may be higher, but it offers the valuable advantages of energy independence and freedom from higher monthly energy bills.

How Many Solar Panels are in a 4kW Solar System?

4kw solar panel system
4kw solar panel system

The size of solar panels can vary and impact the estimated number of panels required for a 4kW solar system. Typically, for domestic usage, 405-watt panels are commonly used. With this in mind, a 4kW solar system would typically require around 10 panels. However, the number of panels needed can be adjusted if your roof has limited space. In such cases, higher wattage panels, such as 545 watts, can be utilized, reducing the number of panels to 7 or 8. It’s important to note that the wattage of the panels also influences their price. Panels with higher wattage capabilities tend to be priced higher due to their increased energy production potential.

4KW Solar Panels: Different Brands, Sizes, and Key Features

Solar Panel Brand


No. of Panels

Key Features




  • High Efficiency
  • Long Lifespan
  • Durable








  • Competitive pricing
  • Wide range of products
  • Excellent customer service








  • High efficiency
  • Long lifespan
  • Excellent performance in low light conditions








  • High efficiency
  • Durable
  • Excellent performance in low light conditions





How Many Batteries Are Required for A 4kW Solar System?

A 4kW solar system with batteries is considered the best solar system for many households in the UK. It generates a significant amount of electricity throughout the day, which can go to waste without a backup option in place. The number of batteries required for a 4kW solar system depends on various factors, including the size of your house, your daily energy consumption, and the amount of sunlight your house receives each day. On average, a consumption rate of 1kW per day requires one battery. Therefore, with a consumption rate of 4kW per day, you would typically need four batteries for a 4kW solar system in the UK.

How Much Energy Should a 4kW Solar System Produce Per Day

Calculating the precise amount of electricity, a 4kW solar system can produce per day can be challenging. This is because the efficiency and performance can vary based on several factors, including the quality of the 4kw solar panel kits, the equipment used in the system, the installation location, and the number of sunlight hours the panels receive. On average, a 4kW solar system in UK should generate around 15kWh to 20 kWh of electricity per day.

Different Types of 4kW Solar System

Like any other system 4kw solar panel system also come in three different types. On grid, off grid and hybrid 4kw solar system lets explore them one by one.

4kW On Grid Solar System

A 4kW on grid solar system is a system that is connected to both the grid and solar panels. It typically consists of approximately 10 panels with a wattage of 405 each, along with a 4kW inverter used to convert solar energy into electricity. This type of solar system operates by utilizing electricity from both sources. During the daytime when the solar panels generate electricity, it is used directly. When the panels are not producing electricity, such as during the night or in unfavorable weather conditions, the inverter automatically switches to using grid electricity for the home’s needs. An on-grid solar system is generally more affordable since it does not require batteries as a backup option. The 4kWon-grid solar system price in the UK is typically between £6,000 and £6,500.

4kW Off Grid Solar System

An off-grid solar system, as the name suggests, operates independently from the grid, relying solely on solar panels, batteries, and generators as backup options. While a 4kW solar system with batteries in the UK may have a higher initial cost due to the need for backup during nighttime, it proves to be a worthwhile investment. Typically, a 4kW solar system with batteries in the UK will cost around £10,000-£11,000. This off-grid solar system functions by utilizing electricity generated by solar panels during the day and utilizing the energy stored in batteries at night. Opting for a 4kW solar system with batteries in the UK is an excellent choice for households of 3-5 people, providing a permanent solution to eliminate electricity bills once and for all.

4kW Hybrid Solar System

A 4kw hybrid system is a remarkable solar solution for UK homes that combines the benefits of batteries as backup options while staying connected to the grid for any emergency electricity needs. With a hybrid system, you can enjoy the power of solar electricity, and when solar panels are not producing enough energy, the batteries step in to fulfill your electricity requirements. And if, by any chance, both the solar panels and batteries are depleted, the hybrid inverter seamlessly switches to grid electricity without any interruption. This innovative technology allows for a smooth transition between solar, grid, and battery power, ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted energy supply for your home


Most UK households consist of approximately 3-5 people, making the 4kW solar panel system the most commonly used in the country. This system size is renowned for its cost-effectiveness, as it produces ample electricity throughout the year, paving the way towards energy independence.

In the UK, the 4kW solar system with battery price is slightly higher compared to the grid-tied version, but it offers the advantage of significantly reducing reliance on the grid for electricity. The cost of a 4kW solar system in the UK typically ranges from £5,500 to £6,000, inclusive of installation charges and VAT. To install a 4kW solar system, you’ll need an area of 21m² to 28m², typically accommodating around 16 solar panels, each of 250 watts. However, if you opt for a 4kW solar system with a battery, the price can increase to £10,000 to £11,000.

It is important to consider that the total cost can vary depending on the type of 4kW inverter used. The 4kW solar inverter price in UK is subject to variation based on the chosen brand and quality.

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Reliable and trustworthy. MAK Energy fitted our photovoltaic installation in 2011. Their advice is very sound. They are experienced and knowledgeable, their expertise is evident, their communications are excellent, and they did not try and sell us technology which would not have been cost effective. Recently the inverter needed renewing as is standard after more than 11 years and they supplied and fitted a new one within days of us contacting them. They can also monitor the system’s performance remotely now and we will both be notified if any faults should develop in the future. We approached a more local company for a quotation for the same job and their quotation was nearly five times as much. The other company also recommended upgrades incompatible with our system. We would go back to MAK energy every time.
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Great advice and installation by Mubashar. The Huawei hardware is an impressive bit of kit and takes up little room with its slim line battery. I would recommend MAK energy for a solar installation.
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We were very satisfied with our Solar P.V. installation by MAK Energy. Everyone involved in the process was courteous and efficient. We were kept informed at every stage during planning and installation. When we decided to invest in Solar P.V. panels, we wanted a local, dedicated installer, not a double-glazing company that installs panels as a sideline. Because of its locality MAK Energy was ideal for our installation. We would not hesitate to recommend MAK Energy to anyone thinking about investing in solar power.