Add a battery to your new or existing Solar PV System

Cheaper Power Source

Energy Independence

Reduce Electricity Bill

Stay Bright during Power Outages with Solar

Solar systems with battery storage are truly remarkable, and picking the right storage solution is crucial. That’s why MAK Energy offers a range of options. Our solar battery storage systems are specially designed to optimize energy efficiency, allowing you to store surplus energy produced by solar photovoltaic cells during the day when demand is low. By storing this energy in batteries, you can improve your experience, as it becomes readily available for later use, ensuring none of this valuable resource goes to waste.

Benefits of solar battery storage

  • Solar panel battery storage stores excess electricity generation
  • Take hold of the grid
  • Save from Disaster Power Outages
  • Reduce electricity bills
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium solar batteries are an ideal rechargeable energy storage option that can be seamlessly integrated with solar energy systems to store any excess solar power. Lithium-ion solar panel battery storage utilizes the same lithium-ion technology that is commonly found in rechargeable electronics such as cell phones and electric vehicles (EVs).

Benefits of lithium-ion batteries

  • Higher depth of discharge
  • Long lifespan
  • Higher energy density
  • High efficiency
  • Less maintenance

Flow Batteries

Flow batteries use two liquid electrolytes separated by a membrane to store and discharge energy through ion exchange. Their scalability and sustained power capabilities make them popular for large-scale energy storage applications. Due to their design, flow batteries can fully discharge, have a low internal discharge rate, and offer a long cycle life.

Benefits of flow batteries

  • Easy scalability
  • Low self-discharge
  • Long cycle life


MAK Energy will help you to choose the best storage system for your home; you can add battery with your new system or with existing solar photovoltaic system as well.

Tesla Powerwall

It’s no wonder that the Tesla Powerwall is the most popular solar panel battery storage in the UK market. Its incredible features and reliability make it a must-have for anyone looking for a sustainable and cost-effective energy backup solution.

With a whopping storage capacity of up to 13.5kWh and the ability to deliver 5KWh of power continuously and up to 7KW for a 10-second period, the Powerwall offers exceptional value as the price per kWh of storage is the lowest in the market.

One of the best features of the Powerwall is its backup system, which ensures an uninterrupted power supply during a power cut. It even disconnects heavy-load appliances like heat pumps and EV chargers, so you have enough power for the essentials for the working household, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply during a power cut.

MAK Energy prides itself on supplying and installing storage options that best suit individuals. We have powered numerous homes and small businesses with Tesla Powerwall, making us one of the most reliable and trustworthy companies in the country.

At MAK Energy, we pride ourselves as the best Tesla Powerwall supplier and installer in the UK. We have powered numerous homes and small businesses with best Tesla Powerwall’s battery storage for solar panels, making us the most reliable and trustworthy company in the country.

Tesla powerwall features

  • It Can be mounted on walls or floors for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Comes with a fully integrated inverter for optimized performance
  • Boasts an impressive 90% efficiency rate for maximum energy conservation
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty for added peace of mind

LG Chem RESU Battery

LG Chem RESU is an exceptional solar battery storage solution that is highly in demand by homeowners due to its impressive performance and affordability. It is designed to be paired with domestic solar systems. The battery range includes both 48-volt and higher voltage 400-volt lithium-ion solar battery options, providing customers with a variety of choices to suit their individual needs.

The weather rating of RESU batteries is one of their best features. All batteries are rated IP55, meaning they can be installed indoors and outdoors, which improve your experience. However, avoiding direct sunlight, especially during warmer months, is important as this can negatively impact battery performance.

In the UK, MAK Energy is a certified company that provides a variety of LG Chem RESU batteries to homeowners. Our experienced and certified installers have installed many LG Chem RESU units across the country. We guarantee that each installation is done correctly and to the highest standard, giving our customers peace of mind that their energy storage system is in capable hands.

Main features of LG Chem RESU Battery

  • With their compact and lightweight design, they offer a space-saving solution
  • Installation is made easy with both wall-mounted and floor-standing options available
  • Simple inverter connection, reducing installation time and costs
  • They are equipped with a built-in DC circuit breaker

Fox Ess Battery

Fox Ess battery is an exceptional lithium-ion solar batteries brand that provides the perfect solution for storing excess energy produced by solar panels for future use. With their compact size and space-efficient design, Fox Ess battery is an ideal option for homeowners with limited space for solar battery storage. Their lightweight construction makes them easy to install, saving time and effort.

When it comes to performance, Fox Ess battery storage systems are renowned for their high energy density and long lifespan. These batteries can store vast amounts of energy in a small space and can last up to 15 years with proper maintenance, making them a worthwhile investment for the essentials of the working homeowner.

One of the key advantages of Fox Ess Battery is its ability to be expanded by installing additional batteries in series. This allows for a maximum storage capacity of up to 20.48kWh, making it an ideal solution for homeowners or businesses with varying energy needs.

Contact us today and discover how our state-of-the-art solar panel battery storage system can store excess solar energy using top-notch Fox Ess battery storage for solar panels.

key features of Fox Ess Battery

  • Space efficient – a great option for those with limited space for battery storage systems.
  • Can last for up to 15 years with proper maintenance.
  • They are lightweight and easy to install.
  • Compatible with a variety of solar panels.

Huawei Luna2000

Huawei is a highly esteemed brand when it comes to solar battery storage solutions, and its Huawei Luna2000 is no exception. With its impressive storage capacity of up to 30 kWh and a long lifespan, this energy storage solution is a top choice for many consumers.

What makes the Huawei Luna2000 even more appealing is its modular design, which allows you to add an extra battery when you need more energy. This means you can store anywhere from 5kWh to 30kWh of electricity, depending on your specific needs.

The Huawei Luna battery has some key features worth noting. Huawei Luna battery can only be used with specific Huawei inverters and comes with solar battery storage modules of 5 kilowatt-hours each. You can use up to six modules for a maximum storage capacity of 30 kilowatt-hours. One module can provide a continuous power output of 2.5 kilowatts, while two or more modules can provide up to 5 kilowatts.

Key features of Huawei Luna battery

  • Modular design with energy optimization
  • Compatible with single and three-phase inverters
  • Huawei Luna solar battery storage provides 10-years warranty
  • Flexibility: due to its ability to scale up from 5KWh to 30 KWh