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Electric Vehicle Chargers

The remarkable solar EV charger is an ingenious piece of equipment that effortlessly provides power to electric vehicles, enabling them to run smoothly without the need for fossil fuels. Its primary function is to recharge the EV’s battery, ensuring it remains in motion and ready to hit the road. Although most electric vehicles require direct current (DC) power to charge their batteries, advanced Electric Vehicle charger has the capability to convert alternating current (AC) electricity into DC, sending it directly to the vehicle’s charging port.

Despite the initial investment required for installation, smart electric vehicle charger boasts an array of features that offer significant cost savings over their lifespan. With the ability to provide insights into the charging process and energy usage, these chargers allow you to manage your electricity consumption effectively and charge during off-peak hours to save money on your electricity bills. Moreover, the future of smart chargers is even more exciting, as the potential for automation could allow for optimal electricity usage without any effort from the user. Indeed, with such advancements, the solar EV charger is set to revolutionize the way we charge our electric vehicles and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Ev charger installed on the wall

Best EV Charger in the UK

Tesla EV Charger

Tesla is the undisputed king of the electric vehicle market, with a huge share of the market. And if you’re one of the proud owners of a Tesla electric vehicle, you’re definitely not alone. While there are plenty of Tesla electric vehicle charger stations around the UK, having your own Electric Vehicle charger installed at home is a game-changer. It gives you the added convenience of managing and monitoring your charging and energy needs right from the comfort of your own home. And here at MAK Energy, we offer a range of Tesla EV charging solutions to cater to your unique charging requirements, including the Gen 2 EV charger and the latest Gen3 Tesla wall connector, which can be installed at both homes and commercial spaces.

The Gen3 Tesla wall connector electric vehicle charger is the fastest, safest, and most effective charging station for electric vehicles available on the market today. With its smart 48-amp charger, it’s even faster than its predecessor, the Gen2 Tesla electric vehicle charger, which used an 80-amp charger. The Tesla wall connector, with its latest advancements, is capable of charging the Model S, Model X, and Model Y, while also being flexible enough to charge other electric vehicle models using other adapters.

Tesla EV charger is the go-to choice for electric vehicle owners who value convenience, efficiency, and sustainability. And at MAK Energy, we don’t just install solar EV charger, we also supply, ensuring that you always have access to the latest and most advanced Tesla EV charger.

Tesla EV charger
Zappi EV charger

MyEnergi Zappi EV charger

MyEnergi Zappi EV chargers are the future of electric vehicle charging, and they’ve been leading the charge since they were first introduced to the market. With a meticulously designed set of features and functions, Zappi gives you the power to take full control of your charging experience.

What’s truly remarkable about Zappi EV charger is that even if you don’t have a solar PV system installed, Zappi Electric vehicle charger can still charge your electric vehicle with grid electricity using Zappi’s intelligent design. By pairing Zappi EV chargers with the MyEnergi app, you’re able to set a timer to take advantage of economy tariffs, use the boost function, and monitor your devices with ease

MyEnergi Zappi EV charger also offers a variety of charging options that are tailored to your unique lifestyle and demands. Whether you need a fast charger to get you on the road quickly or want the flexibility to charge on your own terms, Zappi has got you covered. But what really sets MyEnergi Zappi EV charger apart from the competition is its safety features. Unlike other solar EV chargers on the market, Zappi doesn’t require an earth rod. In fact, it’s the only charger with a built-in PEN fault function, making it the safest choice for electric car owners. This not only eliminates the need for an extra earth rod but also makes installation a breeze. MyEnergi Zappi EV charger also provide 3-year product warranty support

If you have any questions about purchasing or installing your Zappi EV charger, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at MAK Energy. As the top supplier and installer of Zappi EV charger in the UK, we’re here to help answer any questions you may have. So why wait? Get in touch with us today and start enjoying the benefits of your Zappi charger with complete peace of mind!

Easee EV charger

The Easee EV charger is an advanced, efficient, and smart option for charging your electric vehicle, whether at home or in a commercial setting. This advanced charger is exactly what you need to power up your car quickly and efficiently. With its innovative Easee One model, you can connect up to three robots to one fuse, with power shared between them as needed.

Easee EV chargers are designed to be smart home chargers, and the Easee One is the best option for domestic installations. Its compact shape and 7.4 kW charge speed make it a great choice for home use. It’s specifically designed for the UK domestic market and is equipped with intelligent lighting, providing you with high-level security and smarter control.

Charging your electric vehicle in commercial buildings has never been easier. The Easee EV charger 10223 installation allows you to charge your car in workplaces and other commercial settings. The Easee charger’s charging robot efficiently distributes the available current between employees and visitors, ensuring that everyone can charge their car in a safe and smart way.

We take great pride in the fact that we have successfully satisfied hundreds of our customers by supplying and installing the Easee EV charger in various locations across the country. Our dedication to providing top-notch products and services has earned us the trust of countless satisfied customers. If you have any questions or concerns about our Easee charger products or installation services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Easee EV Charger installed on the wall