The solar inverter is the most critical component of a solar PV system, as it converts the direct current produced by solar panels into usable alternating current for home appliances and businesses. To maximize the efficiency of your PV system, your solar inverter must be working optimally. And If you notice that your solar PV system is generating below-average output, there may be an issue with your solar inverter. But how do you know if your inverter is causing a problem and needs replacement? Here are some signs that indicate the system isn’t functioning properly and should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

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What are Grid Fault Inverters?   

The term grid fault inverter refers to a grid-tied inverter that has encountered an issue preventing it from properly communicating with the power grid. This could be due to various factors such as a faulty communication cable, a damaged inverter, or a problem with the grid itself. A grid-tied inverter, also known as a grid-interactive inverter, is a crucial component in grid-connected solar systems. It converts the direct current (DC) produced by solar panels into alternating current (AC) that matches the voltage, frequency, and phase of the grid, allowing the energy to be used and shared with the power grid. When a grid fault occurs, it can disrupt this process, potentially leading to a shutdown of the inverter to prevent unsafe conditions or damage.

How can I determine if my solar inverter is faulty?

If you’re concerned that your solar inverter may be malfunctioning, these are several steps you can take to assess your solar inverter condition. Timely maintenance and monitoring are key to ensuring that your solar inverter operates at peak efficiency and continues to contribute to your sustainable energy goals. Remember, addressing issues early can help prevent a decrease in solar energy production and maintain the longevity of your system.

Decreased Energy Production

One of the major signs that your inverter isn’t performing up to par is a decrease in energy production. A faulty solar inverter often begins to drop energy production over time. If you’re experiencing a decline in solar PV system production, there’s a possibility that the solar inverter is faulty and may need replacement. To investigate further, reach out to a professional MCS-certified installer to determine the cause of the decrease.

Warning Lights

The second most common sign is an error message on the display screen or warning lights flashing or blinking repeatedly. These indicators are also considered early signs of a solar inverter fault. As soon as you notice such warning lights or error messages, simply contact our team. A timely response can prevent you from solar inverter replacement.

Strange Noises

The solar inverter is comprised of various micro components, and if there is an issue with any of its internal parts, it may produce strange noises that need to be addressed promptly. If these noises persist over time, it’s a clear indication that the solar inverter replacement is required. 

Age of the Inverter  

As with all electronic devices, inverters have a limited lifespan. If your inverter is older and nearing the end of its lifespan, it may start generating issues. Old inverters are more prone to failure and can result in decreased energy production. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider replacement to ensure optimal performance and efficiency for your solar system.

Frequent Tripping

Another sign that is alarming for your inverter health is the frequent tripping of your circuit breaker. Although, there might be multiple reasons behind tripping, but in most case the potential cause should be a malfunction solar inverter. And if you face such frequent tripping in your bracket, consult with the professional installer to diagnose the actual reason behind the frequent tripping of your electricity circuit.


Regularly monitor the surface temperature of your solar inverter by gently touching its casing. Detecting any signs of overheating is crucial as it can cause performance degradation and potentially irreversible damage to the inverter. Keep a vigilant eye on temperature fluctuations to ensure optimal functioning and longevity of your solar power system.

Fluctuating output  

Have you observed irregularities in your energy output? Variations in energy generation, particularly when weather conditions remain consistent, may indicate an underlying issue with your inverter. It’s essential to address such fluctuations promptly to ensure the continued efficiency and reliability of your solar power system.

How to Replace a Solar Inverter?

Replacing a solar inverter is a technical process that must be handled by professionals. Here are the steps involved in solar inverter replacement.

To replace a solar inverter, first power down the system and disconnect the old inverter. Remove it, then install the new one, ensuring it’s secure and properly oriented. Reconnect the wires, power on, and test for errors. Always prioritize safety; if unsure, seek a professional’s help. This is a general guide—consult the manufacturer’s manual or a technician for specifics.


Dealing with any malfunction in your solar PV system can be a source of significant frustration, but issues with your solar inverter are particularly vexing and can lead to substantial expenses. To avoid the hefty costs associated with replacing or repairing your inverter, it’s crucial to recognize the signs of a faulty unit. Start by monitoring your energy production for any declines, check for any error messages on the display, and be aware of frequent tripping or unusual noises emanating from the inverter. Consulting with a professional can provide clarity and direction. Regular checks on your inverter’s health and diligent maintenance are essential strategies to prevent the need for costly replacements and ensure the enduring efficiency of your solar energy system.

Take charge of your solar energy system’s health—schedule a professional inspection today and ensure peak performance for years to come!


Why is my electricity bill higher even though I have a solar system?

A sudden increase in your bill despite having solar PV system installer on your space could be a sign that your inverter is not operating efficiently and may need a replacement.

Can a solar inverter stop working before its expected lifespan?

Yes, there are possibilities that the solar inverter may stop working before reaching its expected lifespan, requiring replacement.

What should I do if I see an error message on my solar inverter’s screen?

An error message is a clear indication of a problem. Contact a certified solar technician to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Is it better to repair or replace a faulty solar inverter?

This depends on the severity of the issue, the cost of repairs, and the age of your inverter. A professional assessment can help you decide.

In today’s rapidly advancing era of renewable energy technologies, solar power shines as the most cost-effective and readily available choice for homes and businesses alike. Among the components of solar PV systems, the PV inverter is the most crucial part of the system as it converts DC into usable AC. And among all PV inverters, Solis Inverter has solidified its reputation as the preferred choice for numerous installations.

Solis is a subsidiary of Ginlong Technologies. The company manufactures its inverters in China but has expanded its presence to most continents by setting up technical after-sales offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Romania, and more.

Solis is a well-reputed brand designed with the domestic Solar PV system in mind. That is the reason they are very popular for domestic applications. They work best when used with batteries, maximizing the self-consumption of your solar energy. Solis 5kW and 3kW hybrid inverters stand out among other models.

This guide will help you understand why Solis inverters are the best-suited option for UK homeowners and why they have become the first choice for MAK Energy.

MAK Energy deals with all types of Solis Inverters. If you’re unsure which one is best suited for you, simply fill out our quotation form or contact us through the provided numbers. Our professionals will get in touch with you as soon as possible and will assist you in the best possible way.

What Makes the Solis Inverter Stands Out?  

Solis solar inverters stand out due to their exceptional performance, innovative technology, and robust build quality. The capability of seamless transition between solar and battery power, while effectively converting solar and battery power into AC current, sets them apart from their competitors.

Solis is mostly popular for its hybrid inverters. With a hybrid PV inverter, you essentially have a single component performing the functions of two. This ensures an efficient and streamlined solution that enhances the performance of both your solar panels and the battery storage system.

Efficiency and Reliability

Solis Hybrid PV inverters come equipped with dual MPPT inputs and the capability to perform optimally in both on-grid and off-grid applications. Solis Panel inverters offer users the flexibility to easily switch based on their energy requirements.

Another standout feature of Solis inverters is their reliability. These devices have been engineered for a longer lifespan and come with IP65 ratings, providing protection against water and dust. These inverters are the ideal choice for challenging and diverse climate conditions.

Features and Functionality 

Solis Hybrid PV inverters come equipped with dual MPPT inputs and the capability to perform optimally in both on-grid and off-grid applications. Solis Panel inverters offer users the flexibility to easily switch based on their energy requirements.

The dual MPPT feature allows users to install two different sizes of solar arrays without any deficiency in efficiency or performance.

Monitoring and Control

Solis inverters come with built-in monitoring system, which enables you to easily track their system’s performance. Their mobile application provides real-time data, keeps a record of history and sends fault notifications. customers can stay fully informed about their system anytime, anywhere.

Battery Storage with Solis Hybrid Inverter  

With a Solis inverter, the management of battery charging and discharging becomes smoother. It optimizes the process and allows you to store the excess generated electricity for later use. Adding a battery storage system as a backup to your solar panel system makes you more energy independent.

Optimized charging strategy

The Solis Hybrid PV Inverter employs a smart battery charging strategy, ensuring the optimal utilization of solar energy and enhancing energy savings.

Throughout the day, when your solar panels produce more electricity than your home consumes, the Solis PV Hybrid Inverter efficiently store this surplus energy to charge your battery storage system. This means that rather than sending excess power back to the grid, you’re effectively storing it for future use.

By adopting this charging approach, you maximize the utilization of your generated solar power and decrease your dependency on grid electricity. This results in significant energy cost savings and an overall boost in the efficiency of your solar system.

Load Shifting and Peak Saving

Managed by the Solis Hybrid Inverter, battery charging plays a pivotal role in optimizing energy usage through two effective strategies: load shifting and peak shaving.

Load shifting entails the charging of batteries during off-peak hours when electricity costs are lower, such as during the day when solar power generation is abundant. The stored energy is then utilized during peak hours when electricity rates are typically higher, such as in the evening.

In contrast, peak shaving involves tapping into the stored energy within the batteries to offset high power consumption during periods of peak demand. This allows you to mitigate or reduce the impact of elevated energy rates during those peak times.

Features and Specifications of Solis Hybrid Inverter

Each model of the Solis Inverter has its own unique features and specifications. Here is a list of some general features and specifications that every inverter should have. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Battery Charging and Energy Management  

Solis RHI Hybrid inverters support both Lithium-ion and Lead-acid batteries, with a voltage range of 42-58 V and a maximum charge/discharge power of 3 kW. This adaptability to different battery types makes it versatile for various storage needs. Its intelligent energy management system guarantees round-the-clock smart energy usage, enhancing battery reliability and your savings.

Noteworthy Features

All inverters include comprehensive protection features, including DC reverse-polarity protection, output overcurrent protection, surge protection, short-circuit protection, and integrated AFCI.

All Solis Hybrid inverters include comprehensive protection features, including DC reverse-polarity protection, output overcurrent protection, surge protection, short-circuit protection, and integrated AFCI.

Solis Inverters

Product codeCategoriesName
SOL-S5-GR3P-20K-DCMain Unit, Solar PV Inverter,20kW S5 3 Phase Dual MPPT – DC
 Screen Display, Web InterfaceData Logging Stick – wired LAN
SOL-S5-EH1P5K-L-EUHybrid solar Inverter, Storage SystemsEnergy Storage 5kW Hybrid S5 EH1P Inverter (include 3 phase meter)
SOL-RHI-3P5K-HVES-5G-DCHybrid Inverters, Storage Systems5kW 3phase High Voltage Hybrid 5G Inverter
SOL-100.0-3PH-5G-DCMain Unit, Solar PV Inverter,100kW 5G 3 Phase 10x MPPT – DC
SOL-5K-RHI-48ES-5G-DCHybrid Inverter, Storage SystemsEH1 Energy Storage 5kW Hybrid 5G Inverter with DC switch
SOL-RHI-3P6K-HVES-5G-DCHybrid Inverter, Storage Systems6kW 3phase High Voltage Hybrid 5G Inverter
SOL-S5-GR3P-10K-DCMain Unit, PV Inverter,10kW S5 3 Phase Dual MPPT – DC
SOL-S5-GR3P-12K-DCMain Unit, PV Inverter,12kW S5 3 Phase Dual MPPT – DC
SOL-S5-GR3P-5K-DCMain Unit, PV Inverter,5kW S5 3 Phase Dual MPPT – DC
SOL-S5-GR3P-6K-DCMain Unit, PV Inverter,6kW S5 3 Phase Dual MPPT – DC
SOL-S5-GR3P-8K-DCMain Unit, PV Inverter,8kW S5 3 Phase Dual MPPT – DC
SOL-S6-EH1P5K-L-PROHybrid Inverter, Storage SystemsS6 Pro 5kW Advanced Hybrid Inverter
SOL-SDM-120-CTM-1PDisplay, Energy Meter,SDM120CTM Eastron 1P Meter
SOL-SDM-630-MCT-3PDisplay, Energy Meter,SDM630MCT Eastron 3P Meter
SOL-S6-EH1P6K-LHybrid Inverter, Storage SystemsEnergy Storage 6kW Hybrid S6 Inverter with DC switch
SOL-S6-EH1P6K-L-PROHybrid Inverter, Storage SystemsS6 Pro 6kW Advanced Hybrid Inverter
SOL-S6-EH1P8K-L-PROHybrid Inverter, Storage SystemsS6 Pro 8kW Advanced Hybrid Inverter
SOL-S5-GC40K-DCMain Unit, PV Inverter,40kW S5 3 Phase Quad MPPT – DC
SOL-S5-GC50K-DCMain Unit, PV Inverter,50kW S5 3 Phase 5x MPPT – DC
SOL-S5-GC60K-DCMain Unit, PV Inverter,60kW S5 3 Phase 6x MPPT – DC
SOL-S5-GR3P-15K-DCMain Unit, PV Inverter,15kW S5 3 Phase Dual MPPT – DC
SOL-S5-GC30K-DCMain Unit, PV Inverter,30kW S5 3 Phase Triple MPPT – DC
SOL-S5-GC36K-DCMain Unit, PV Inverter,36kW S5 3 Phase Quad MPPT – DC
SOL-S2-WL-ST-USBDisplay, Web InterfaceData Logging Stick – Wi-Fi & LAN USB
SOL-S2-WL-STDisplay, Web InterfaceData Logging Stick – Wi-Fi & LAN 4-Pin
SOL-S3-GPRS-STDisplay, Web InterfaceData Logging Stick – GPRS (GSM) DLS V3
SOL-S4-WiFi-STDisplay, Web InterfaceS4 Data Logging Stick – Wi-Fi USB
SOL-RS485-GP-4P-CONNAccessory, Display,RS-485 Green Plug Connector (4 PIN Connector)
SOL-S5-EH1P6K-LHybrid Inverter, Storage SystemsEnergy Storage 5kW Hybrid S5 Inverter with DC switch
SOL-S5-GC25K-DCMain Unit, PV Inverter,25kW S5 3 Phase Triple MPPT – DC
SOL-METER-1PH-CT2Display, Energy Meter,1phase Meter 60A Direct Connected DDSD 1352
SOL-METER-3PHDisplay, Energy Meter,3phase Meter DTSD 1352 60A Direct Connected
SOL-METER-3PH-CT3Display, Power Management,3phase Meter DTSD1352 with 3x150A:5A CTs
SOL-RF-LINKDisplay, Energy Meter,Data Logging Device RF Kit and RF Stick
SOL-RHI-3P10K-HVES-5G-DCHybrid Inverter, Storage Systems10kW 3-Phase High Voltage Hybrid 5G Inverter
SOL-RHI-3P8K-HVES-5G-DCHybrid Inverter, Storage Systems8kW 3phase High Voltage Hybrid 5G Inverter
SOL-EPM3-5GDisplay, Power Management,Export Power Manager 5 Gen – 3ph Up to 10 inverters
SOL-EPM3-5G-PLUSDisplay, Power Management,Export Power Manager PLUS 5 Gen – 3ph for Up to 10 inverters
SOL-EPM-3PHDisplay, Power Management,Export Power Manager 2 Gen – 1 or 3 phase
SOL-METER-1PHDisplay, Energy Meter,1phase Meter 60A Direct Connected DDSD 1352
SOL-METER-1PH-CT1Display, Power Management,1phase Meter ACR10R 16DTE with 120A CT
SOL-EPM-2P-COM-INV-PAccessory, Display,2-PIN EPM Comm Inv Plug
SOL-EPM-5P-POW-PAccessory, Display,5-PIN EPM Power Plug

Best Solis Hybrid Inverters – One by One

Solis 5KW Hybrid Inverter Solis-RHI-5K-48ES-DC 5G

The SOLIS-RHI-5K-48ES-DC stands as a 5kW hybrid energy storage inverter, complete with an integrated DC switch. This Solis energy storage inverter is well-suited for li-ion batteries, boasts strong independence, and incorporates an off-grid backup capability.

With a maximum efficiency exceeding 97% and a dual MPPT design for optimized performance, this inverter is built for resilience. It sports an IP65-rated construction with natural cooling, offering robust protection functions, and includes a 7″ LCD color display screen for user convenience.

Features and Benefits  

  • MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm
  • Intelligent EMS function
  • Multiple protection functions
  • Natural cooling without external fan
  • UPS function
  • WIFI/GPRS Real time monitoring
  • Off-grid backup function
  • IP65
  • Max. input voltage: 600V
  • Start-up voltage: 120V
  • MPPT number: 2

Solis 5KW Hybrid Inverter Solis-RHI-6K-48ES-DC 5G

This innovative Hybrid Storage Inverter is highly efficient at 97.5% with IP65 protection. It has an Intelligent BMS for reliable battery performance, an integrated DC switch, and broad MPPT voltage range (90-520V) for swift, uninterrupted power supply (20ms response time). Compliant with various grid standards, it enhances economic benefits with higher charge-discharge efficiency.

You can easily control it via Wi-Fi or GPRS. Solis 5Kw hybrid Inverter provides 5kW backup power, supports grid-friendly peak management, offers multiple working modes for increased self-consumption, and features 24/7 intelligent energy management for real-time PV plant status monitoring.

Features and Benefits

  • MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm
  • 97.5% Efficiency
  • Intelligent EMS function
  • Multiple protection functions
  • Natural cooling without external fan
  • UPS function
  • WIFI/GPRS Real time monitoring
  • IP65

Solis 3.6 kW Hybrid Inverter 5G (dual MPPT)  

The Solis 3.6kW Inverter is a versatile solution suitable for both on-grid PV operations and reliable backup battery storage. It is a Part of Solis’ fifth-generation 5G residential hybrid inverters. it has an impressive efficiency rating of 97.5%. This advanced inverter incorporates a 24-hour intelligent energy management system, ensuring efficient energy utilization. It also features a user-friendly 7″ color LCD screen for easy programming and monitoring.

Features and Benefits 

  • IP65 Rating for durability
  • 5kW Backup Power for reliability
  • Enhanced charge-discharge efficiency for improved economics
  • Proactive AFCI protection to reduce fire risk
  • Remote control and upgrade capabilities
  • Dynamic MPPTs (2 MPPTs with 4 DC inputs) for optimized performance
  • Multiple operating modes to maximize self-consumption
  • 24-hour intelligent energy management system
  • Compatibility with both lithium and lead-acid batteries
  • Fan less design for extended lifespan

Solis S6 Pro 6kw Advanced Hybrid Inverter  

The Solis S6 Pro Hybrid inverter range is designed for today’s solar market, offering advanced features like a maximum PV input of 9600W, dual MPPT, and 16A PV string current. It supports 1-phase and 3-phase parallel connections, allowing up to 6 units for 36kW backup power, and integrates seamlessly with generators.

This inverter features a 24-hour real-time intelligent energy management system accessible via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and an app. It ensures uninterrupted power with a 4ms reaction time and includes a Wi-Fi/LAN datalogger and CT. Backed by a 5-year warranty, extendable to 10 years, it offers reliability for the long term.

Is A Solis Inverter Any Good?

Solis inverters are generally considered to be reliable and offer good performance for solar energy systems. However, like any product, the suitability and quality of these inverters can depend on various factors including your specific solar setup, location, and individual preferences.

DC Power Compatibility with Solis RHI-3.6K-48ES-5G

Final Thoughts  

In the solar system, the inverter plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth functioning. Solar inverters are responsible for converting the direct current (DC) generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC), which is what our home appliances need to operate efficiently. You can purchase the best solar inverter from the list we provide in this article by carefully evaluating the performance and efficiency of each option.

When selecting a solar inverter, it’s essential to consider factors such as power output, conversion efficiency, durability, and advanced features. By thoroughly examining these aspects, you can make an informed decision and choose the inverter that best suits your specific needs. Investing in a high-performing and efficient solar inverter will ensure optimal energy production and maximize the return on your solar investment.

The market offers various types of inverters for solar panels, each with different brand names. In this article, we will delve into the best solar inverters in UK that are best suited for environment and solar panel systems. Let’s embark on an exploration of each one.

What Are the Different Types of Inverters?

Before diving into the discussion of the best solar inverters for solar panels in UK, you must have the knowledge of different types of the inverters.

Micro Inverter

Micro inverters for solar panels are the best choice for portable arrays as each micro solar inverter is attached to a separate solar panel. However, it can become costly if you have multiple solar panels, as you would need to attach a separate inverter to each panel.

Hybrid Inverter

Currently, hybrid inverters are the most widely used inverters for solar panel applications. They not only have the capacity to convert DC into AC but also save the excess electricity generated by solar panels into solar batteries for later use.

String Inverter

Unlike micro inverters, string inverters can be attached to multiple solar panels simultaneously, allowing them to consolidate and convert the combined power.

What Do Watts and Amps Mean?

To fully understand the concept of inverters, one must have knowledge about watts and amperes.

What Does Watts Mean?

Watts is a unit of power. It is commonly used to measure the power requirements of appliances. For instance, if an electronic device requires 20 volts and 15 amps, it means the appliance needs at least 300 watts to function.

What Do Watt-hours and Kilowatt-hours Mean?

A watt-hour is the measure of energy consumed by a device that draws one watt of power for one hour. A kilowatt is equivalent to a thousand watts, and a kilowatt-hour represents the energy consumed by a device that draws one kilowatt of power for one hour

What Are Amps?

An amp or ampere is a unit of electrical current. It is used to measure the flow of electricity, and in the context of solar panels, it plays a role in determining the size of cables and other components. Selecting the appropriate cable size is important, as high amp currents can generate heat in the wire, which may result in damage.

What Does Amp-Hours Mean?

Solar systems often include batteries as an energy backup option, and the power of the battery is measured in amp-hours. The amp-hour rating indicates the capacity of the battery, with higher amp-hour batteries having a greater capacity.

Understanding Solar Inverters

Before we dive into the top-rated solar inverters, let’s quickly understand what they are and how they play a crucial role in solar power systems. A solar inverter is the heart and soul of your solar power setup. It’s responsible for converting the direct current (DC) generated by your solar panels into usable alternating current (AC) that can power your home appliances.

So, without further ado, let’s explore the cream of the crop, the crème de la crème, the top 16 solar inverters in the UK that will surely make your solar dreams shine bright!

Top 16 Solar Inverters in the UK

InverterInput VoltageEfficiencyWarrantyPrice
The Fronius Primo 3.6kW Inverter LIGHTDC 170V
2 years, increasing to 7 years once registerer£1,144.80 (INC VAT)
GivEnergy Giv-HY 3.6 Gen 2 DC, 600V98%5-years£1,850
Growatt MOD10-15KTL3-XDC, 200V98.1%10 years£1,600
Solis 5kW Hybrid 5G Inverter600V98.4%
10 years
SolarEdge – SE6000H 6.0kW InverterDC 380V99 %12-years warranty extendable 25 years£1,400
Sungrow SG10RSDC, 600V98.6%10 years£1,590
SMA Sunny Boy 5.0DC, 125 v96.5%10 years£1,570
SolaX X1 Hybrid 7.5kW G4 InverterDC, 600 v97.6%10 years£1,550
Huawei Sun2000 5kDC, 200 v97.5%10 years£1,250
LuxPower Hybrid Inverter LPX 5K ACS – Powering Your Solar AmbitionsDC, 140 v
10 Years£1,570
GoodWe GW5000M-ES-20DC, 600 V97%5 years£1800
Giandel 2000w Power InverterDC 12V to AC 240V output
90%.3 years£200
EvoSolar Prime600V98%5 years£1,500
SolarPro PowerMax600V96%5 years£1,300
LGES-5048 hybrid inverter500V97%10 years£2,195
Delta H5A-440440V98.5%5 years£2,500

The Fronius Primo 3.6kW Inverter Light – Efficiency at Its Finest

The Fronius inverters are widely recognized as top-tier inverters due to their excellent performance and efficiency in domestic applications. The Fronius Primo 3.6kW inverter, specifically designed for small to medium-sized solar PV systems, is highly suitable. These inverters have gained significant popularity in the UK. The Fronius Primo boasts an impressive efficiency rate of 98% and is backed by a warranty ranging from 2 to 7 years. It is considered the best hybrid inverter. In terms of price, it falls within the range of £1100 to £1200. The Fronius Primo inverter is widely regarded as one of the top 10 solar inverters available in the UK market due to its advanced features and excellent build quality.

The Fronius Primo 3.6kW Inverter Light

GivEnergy GivHY 3.6 Gen 2 – Reliable and Cost-Effective

The GivEnergy Giv-HY 3.6 Gen 2 is an advanced solar hybrid inverter renowned for its outstanding performance and reliability. Featuring a compact design and state-of-the-art technology, it effortlessly combines solar power, battery storage, and grid connectivity. GivEnergy inverters boast an impressive efficiency of 97.6% and are backed by a 5-year warranty. The GivEnergy inverters are considered the best solar inverters in UK due to their reliability and performance in all weather conditions.

GivEnergy Giv-HY 3.6 Gen 2

Growatt MOD10-15KTL3-X – The Reliable Workhorse

The company entered the industry in 2010 with a vision to make the world greener and more environmentally friendly. This quickly propelled them to become one of the leading solar inverter companies globally. They offer inverters for both domestic and commercial applications. Their MOD generation inverters are particularly suitable for smaller and indoor installations. These inverters boast a high efficiency rate of 98.1% and come with a 10-year warranty.

Growatt MOD10-15KTL3-X

Solis 5kW Hybrid 5G Inverter – Power Meets Versatility

Solis is a Chinese inverter company. Solis inverters are commonly regarded as entry-level inverters. However, their 5G inverter models, like the Solis 5kW Hybrid 5G inverter, come with excellent features such as a wide MPPT voltage range, a certified DC isolator, and integrated power control. The inverter boasts an efficiency rating of 97.6%, and the company also provides a 10-year product warranty.

Solis 5kW Hybrid 5G Inverter

SolarEdge – SE6000H 6.0kW Inverter – Exceptional Performance, Every Time

SolarEdge is a leading brand in string inverters and is known for producing the best solar inverters in this category. With an impressive efficiency rate of 99%, SolarEdge outperforms other string inverters in the market, which typically provide around 93% efficiency. SolarEdge inverters have gained popularity in the UK for their cutting-edge power optimization and monitoring capabilities, making them one of the top 10 solar inverters and best hybrid inverter contender in the market.

The SolarEdge SE6000H 6.0kW Inverter is a reliable and cost-effective solution for on-grid solar systems. Its high efficiency allows it to maximize the power output from your solar panels. What sets SolarEdge apart from other inverters is its exceptional warranty, offering a generous 12 years of coverage, which is almost twice the average inverter warranty range of 5-10 years. Additionally, SolarEdge inverters are compatible with AC batteries, providing you with added flexibility.

SolarEdge – SE6000H 6.0kW Inverter

Sungrow SG10RS Powering the Future

Sungrow has been manufacturing top-class inverters since 1997, which has contributed to its position among the top three renewable energy companies worldwide. Their new SG series exemplifies sleek and beautiful design, while also delivering high performance and an impressive efficiency rating of 98.6%. Additionally, the company provides a 10-year warranty for their solar inverters.

The new series also features built-in smart PID functionality. Sungrow SG series inverters are among the best solar inverters in UK, owing to their higher efficiency rate and a decade-long warranty, making them the first choice for domestic users.

Sungrow SG10RS

SMA Sunny Boy 5.0 – Harnessing Solar Power with Efficiency

The SMA Sunny Boy inverter is one of top 10 solar inverters choices in the UK for its high efficiency and reliable performance. SMA inverters have been a trusted brand for over two decades. Not only are their solar inverters reliable, but they also boast an aesthetically pleasing design.

The Sunny Boy solar inverter, in particular, is highly practical, just like its visually appealing color. Its available software makes it incredibly reliable by allowing real-time system monitoring. The Sunny Boy 5.0 solar inverter offers an impressive efficiency rate of 98% and comes with a 10-year warranty.

SolaX X1 Hybrid 7.5kW G4 Inverter – Optimal Performance Guaranteed

SolaX is renowned for its innovative contributions to the inverter industry. The SolaX X1, considered the best 3rd generation inverter, offers the unique feature of integrating battery capacity into its design along with an advanced energy control system. The performance of the SolaX X1 hybrid solar inverter is unmatched, boasting an efficiency rate of 97% and a 10-year warranty.

SolaX X1 Hybrid 7.5kW G4 Inverter

Huawei Sun2000 5k – Powering Your Solar Dreams

The Huawei Sun2000 5k is a best hybrid inverter that efficiently stores excess energy generated by your solar panels into batteries. With its built-in capacity for energy storage, there’s no need for any additional elements to store electricity in the batteries. The inverter boasts an impressive efficiency rating of 97.5% and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Huawei prioritizes safety, incorporating advanced ACFI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) technology. This technology ensures an immediate shutdown in the event of any danger, damage, or fault. Additionally, their arc fault detection system is considered the best available in the industry.

Huawei Sun2000 5k

LuxPower Hybrid Inverter LPX 5K ACS – Powering Your Solar Ambitions

LuxPower hybrid inverters have gained a significant market presence due to their utilization of advanced technology, as well as their reliability and efficiency. The brand was founded by a group of engineers in early 2017 and has rapidly emerged as a leading supplier of inverters. LuxPower inverters are known for their reliability, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

The LuxPower hybrid inverter LPX 5K ACS, for instance, offers an impressive efficiency rate of 97.5% and comes with a 10-year warranty. These inverters are compatible with most DC batteries. LuxPower also provides various modes, including self-consumption, utility-first, even and off-grid modes, and forced time charge and discharge. They offer both single-phase and three-phase inverters, capable of delivering outputs of up to 60kW.

LuxPower Hybrid Inverter LPX 5K ACS

GoodWe GW5000M-ES-20 – Efficient and Reliable Energy Conversion

GoodWe is a highly regarded and renowned solar inverter company. The GoodWe GW5000N-ES-20 exemplifies their commitment to flexibility, maintaining an impressive 97% efficiency rating. Whether for domestic or commercial solar installations, the GoodWe GW5000M-ES-20 offers reliable performance. GoodWe inverters have earned a reputation as the best hybrid inverters for their exceptional reliability and value for money, making them one of the top 10 solar inverters choice among domestic and commercial users in the UK.

GoodWe GW5000M-ES-20

Giandel 2000w Power Inverter – Maximum Efficiency, Minimal Losses

Giandel is among the top 10 solar inverters that include a battery charger and cable. This inverter is designed to operate in freezing weather conditions. It is highly efficient and reliable. The Giandel 2000w inverter boasts an impressive efficiency rate of 90%. Additionally, the company offers a 3-year warranty on their products.

Giandel 2000w Power Inverter

LGES-5048 hybrid inverter

LG faced production challenges and had to limit production during the COVID-19 pandemic, which impacted their PV appliance manufacturing. There were concerns about the company’s future. However, LG has made a comeback and is gradually reintroducing products in the renewable energy sector, including the LGES-5048 best hybrid inverter.

The LGES-5048 hybrid inverter is an impressive offering from LG in the renewable energy sector. Designed to meet the evolving needs of modern energy systems, this hybrid inverter combines the benefits of solar power generation and energy storage in a single unit.

One notable feature of the LGES-5048 best hybrid inverter is its versatility. It seamlessly integrates with both solar panels and battery storage systems, allowing you to maximize the use of clean energy while also providing backup power during grid outages. This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for homeowners and businesses looking to optimize their energy consumption and reduce reliance on the grid.

LGES-5048 hybrid inverter

EvoSolar Prime – Efficient and Reliable Energy Conversion –

EvoSolar Prime offers efficient and reliable energy conversion for your solar system. With a 600V input voltage capacity and a 95% efficiency rating, it delivers consistent performance while optimizing your energy output. EvoSolar Prime ensures that you make the most of your solar investment, providing a reliable source of clean energy.

Delta H5A-440

The Delta H5A-440 solar inverter has a maximum input voltage of 440 volts. This means that it can handle input voltages up to 440 volts. The input voltage of a solar inverter is important because it determines how much power the inverter can handle. A higher input voltage will allow the inverter to handle more power. The Delta H5A-440 solar inverter can handle input voltages from 180 to 440 volts. This makes it a good choice for solar systems that are located in areas with high solar irradiance.

The input voltage of a solar inverter is also affected by the number of solar panels in the system. The more solar panels in the system, the higher the input voltage will be.

If you are considering buying a Delta H5A-440 solar inverter, you need to make sure that the input voltage is compatible with your solar system. You should also make sure that the inverter is capable of handling the amount of power that your solar system will generate.

Delta H5A-440

SolarPro PowerMax – Reliable and Efficient Energy Conversion

SolarPro PowerMax combines reliability and efficiency to deliver optimal energy conversion. With a 600V input voltage capacity and a 96% efficiency rating, it ensures that you get the most out of your solar system. SolarPro PowerMax offers reliable performance and efficient energy conversion, making it a trusted choice for solar enthusiasts.

SolarPro PowerMax inverter

What to Consider when buying Solar Inverter?

When buying a solar inverter, there are several important factors to consider to ensure you make the right choice for your solar power system. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Power Output Determine the power output requirements of your solar system. The inverter should be able to handle the maximum power generated by your solar panels. Consider both the continuous power rating and the peak power handling capability of the inverter.
  2. Efficiency Look for inverters with high efficiency ratings. Higher efficiency means more of the solar energy is converted into usable electricity, resulting in better overall system performance and energy savings.
  3. Inverter Type – Choose the right type of inverter for your needs. The common types include string inverters, microinverters, and power optimizers. Each has its advantages and suitability for different installation scenarios.
  4. Compatibility Ensure that the inverter is compatible with your solar panel system. Check for compatibility with the panel’s voltage, output characteristics, and communication protocols. This will ensure seamless integration and optimal performance.
  5. Monitoring and Communication Consider the inverter’s monitoring and communication capabilities. Look for inverters that provide detailed monitoring of system performance, including data on energy production, efficiency, and any potential issues. Some inverters offer advanced monitoring features accessible through mobile apps or online portals.
  6. Warranty and Support Check the warranty period offered by the manufacturer. A longer warranty period indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s quality and reliability. Additionally, consider the availability of customer support and service centers for any potential maintenance or troubleshooting needs.
  7. Safety and Certifications Ensure that the inverter meets relevant safety standards and certifications. Look for certifications such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories), CE (Conformité Européene), and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). These certifications ensure that the inverter meets specific quality and safety requirements.
  8. Brand Reputation – Research the reputation of the inverter brand and manufacturer. Look for well-established and reputable companies known for producing reliable and high-quality inverters. Reading customer reviews and seeking recommendations can help in assessing the brand’s reputation.
  9. Cost Consider the cost of the inverter and how it fits within your budget. While it’s important to find a cost-effective option, prioritize quality, reliability, and performance over price alone. Remember that investing in a higher-quality inverter may provide better long-term returns.
  10. Installation and Maintenance – Assess the ease of installation and maintenance requirements of the inverter. Look for inverters that come with clear installation instructions and user-friendly interfaces. Additionally, consider any ongoing maintenance requirements and whether professional assistance will be needed.

Best Option Among all the Best Solar Inverters!

Based on the given list of inverters, the best option would be GivEnergy Giv-HY 3.6 Gen 2. Here’s why:

  1. Efficiency – GivEnergy Giv-HY 3.6 Gen 2 boasts an impressive efficiency rating of 98%. This means it can convert a higher percentage of solar energy into usable electricity, maximizing the overall performance and energy output of your solar power system.
  2. Input Voltage With an input voltage of 600V, GivEnergy Giv-HY 3.6 Gen 2 offers compatibility with a wide range of solar panel configurations. This flexibility allows for easier integration into existing or future solar installations.
  3. Performance The combination of high efficiency and suitable input voltage makes GivEnergy Giv-HY 3.6 Gen 2 a reliable and high-performing option. It ensures that you can harness as much solar energy as possible, optimizing the return on your investment.
  4. Reputation GivEnergy Giv-HY 3.6 Gen 2 is renowned for its reliability and quality. It is a trusted brand that has gained popularity among solar power enthusiasts in the UK, further attesting to its performance and customer satisfaction.

While cost-effectiveness is an important consideration, it is not specified in the given list. However, considering the outstanding efficiency and reliability of GivEnergy Giv-HY 3.6 Gen 2, it is likely to offer a good balance between performance and affordability. Choosing GivEnergy Giv-HY 3.6 Gen 2would ensure that you have a top-rated solar inverter that delivers exceptional energy conversion and contributes to the long-term success of your UK solar power system.

Best Solar Inverter Option Based on Efficiency & Cost Effectiveness!

Based on both efficiency and cost effectiveness, the best solar inverter option from the list of 16 inverters would be SolarEdge – SE6000H 6.0kW Inverter. With a 99% efficiency rating, it offers a high level of energy conversion, ensuring that you make the most of the solar power generated. Additionally, SolarEdge – SE6000H 6.0kW Inverter provides versatility with its input voltage capacity of up to 380V, accommodating a range of solar panel configurations.

When it comes to cost effectiveness, SolarEdge – SE6000H 6.0kW Inverter offers a balanced combination of efficiency and affordability. While it may not have the highest efficiency rating among the options, it still provides a significant level of performance at a relatively lower cost compared to some of the other inverters on the list.

Considering both efficiency and cost effectiveness is important to ensure that you get the best value for your investment. SolarEdge – SE6000H 6.0kW Inverter strikes a good balance between these factors, making it an excellent choice for those seeking an efficient and cost-effective inverter for their UK solar power system.


Inverters are a crucial component of any solar system, so choosing them wisely is essential. With numerous companies offering best solar inverters in UK market, we have compiled a list of the best options available. Performance and efficiency are key factors in determining the quality of an inverter, and our table includes detailed information on each inverter’s efficiency and performance to help you make an informed decision. Among the top 10 solar inverters, GivEnergy stands out as a recommended choice that can fulfill your requirements. By considering these factors, you can select an inverter that aligns with your specific solar power system needs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.