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In today’s rapidly advancing era of renewable energy technologies, solar power shines as the most cost-effective and readily available choice for homes and businesses alike. Among the components of solar PV systems, the PV inverter is the most crucial part of the system as it converts DC into usable AC. Among all PV inverters, Solis Inverter has solidified its reputation as the preferred choice for numerous installations.

Solis is a subsidiary of Ginlong Technologies. The company manufactures its inverters in China but has expanded its presence to most continents by setting up technical after-sales offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Romania, and more.

Solis hybrid inverters are designed to perform optimally in domestic hybrid systems. They work best when used with batteries, maximizing the self-consumption of your solar energy. Solis 5kW and 3kW hybrid inverters stand out among other models.

This guide will help you understand why Solis hybrid inverters are the best-suited option for UK homeowners and why they have become the first choice for MAK Energy.

MAK Energy deals with all types of Solis Inverters. If you’re unsure which one is best suited for you, simply fill out our quotation form or contact us through the provided numbers. Our professionals will get in touch with you as soon as possible and will assist you in the best possible way.

What Makes the Solis Hybrid Inverter Stands Out?  

The Solis Hybrid inverter’s capability to seamlessly transition between solar energy and battery power, while effectively regulating the conversion of DC power from solar panels and battery storage into usable AC power for your home, sets it apart from other solar inverters available in the market.

With a Solis hybrid inverter, you essentially have a single component performing the functions of two. This ensures an efficient and streamlined solution that enhances the performance of both your solar panels and the battery storage system.

Efficiency and Reliability

Solis Hybrid inverter boasts an impressive full load efficiency of 97.8%. Renowned for their outstanding efficiency and reliability, these devices enable you to harness the maximum energy from your solar panels and battery storage system, leading to improved energy savings and return on investment.

Another standout feature of Solis inverters is their reliability. These devices have been engineered for a longer lifespan and come with IP65 ratings, providing protection against water and dust. Solis hybrid inverters are the ideal choice for challenging and diverse climate conditions.

Features and Functionality 

Solis Hybrid inverters come equipped with dual MPPT inputs and the capability to perform optimally in both on-grid and off-grid applications. Solis inverters offer users the flexibility to easily switch based on their energy requirements.

The dual MPPT feature allows users to install two different sizes of solar arrays without any deficiency in efficiency or performance.

Monitoring and Control

Another plus point of the Solis Hybrid inverter is its built-in monitoring system, which enables homeowners to easily track their system’s performance. Thanks to their mobile application, which provides real-time data, keeps a record of history, and sends fault notifications, customers can stay fully informed about their system anytime, anywhere.

Battery Storage with Solis Hybrid Inverter  

Adding a battery storage system as a backup to your solar panel system makes you more energy independent. With a Solis inverter, the management of battery charging and discharging becomes smoother. It optimizes the process and allows you to store the excess generated electricity for later use.

Optimized charging strategy

The Solis Hybrid Inverter employs a smart battery charging strategy, ensuring the optimal utilization of solar energy and enhancing energy savings.

Throughout the day, when your solar panels produce more electricity than your home consumes, the Solis Hybrid Inverter efficiently store this surplus energy to charge your battery storage system. This means that rather than sending excess power back to the grid, you’re effectively storing it for future use.

By adopting this charging approach, you maximize the utilization of your generated solar power and decrease your dependency on grid electricity. This results in significant energy cost savings and an overall boost in the efficiency of your solar system.

Load Shifting and Peak Saving

Managed by the Solis Hybrid Inverter, battery charging plays a pivotal role in optimizing energy usage through two effective strategies: load shifting and peak shaving.

Load shifting entails the charging of batteries during off-peak hours when electricity costs are lower, such as during the day when solar power generation is abundant. The stored energy is then utilized during peak hours when electricity rates are typically higher, such as in the evening.

In contrast, peak shaving involves tapping into the stored energy within the batteries to offset high power consumption during periods of peak demand. This allows you to mitigate or reduce the impact of elevated energy rates during those peak times.

Features and Specifications of Solis Hybrid Inverter

Each model of the Solis Hybrid Inverter has its own unique features and specifications. Here is a list of some general features and specifications that every inverter should have. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Battery Charging and Energy Management  

Solis RHI Hybrid inverters support both Lithium-ion and Lead-acid batteries, with a voltage range of 42-58 V and a maximum charge/discharge power of 3kW. This adaptability to different battery types makes it versatile for various storage needs. Its intelligent energy management system guarantees round-the-clock smart energy usage, enhancing battery reliability and your savings.

Noteworthy Features

Solar hybrid inverters come with several other value-added features, such as the large 7.0″ LCD screen that allows you to monitor your system’s performance in real-time. These inverters do not have fans, resulting in reduced noise and maintenance requirements.

All Solis Hybrid inverters include comprehensive protection features, including DC reverse-polarity protection, output overcurrent protection, surge protection, short-circuit protection, and integrated AFCI.

Best Solis Hybrid Inverters – One by One

Solis 5KW Hybrid Inverter Solis-RHI-5K-48ES-DC 5G

The SOLIS-RHI-5K-48ES-DC stands as a 5kW hybrid energy storage inverter, complete with an integrated DC switch. This Solis energy storage inverter is well-suited for li-ion batteries, boasts strong independence, and incorporates an off-grid backup capability.

With a maximum efficiency exceeding 97% and a dual MPPT design for optimized performance, this inverter is built for resilience. It sports an IP65-rated construction with natural cooling, offering robust protection functions, and includes a 7″ LCD color display screen for user convenience.

Features and Benefits  

  • MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm
  • Intelligent EMS function
  • Multiple protection functions
  • Natural cooling without external fan
  • UPS function
  • WIFI/GPRS Real time monitoring
  • Off-grid backup function
  • IP65
  • Max. input voltage: 600V
  • Start-up voltage: 120V
  • MPPT number: 2

Solis 5KW Hybrid Inverter Solis-RHI-6K-48ES-DC 5G

This innovative Hybrid Storage Inverter is highly efficient at 97.5% with IP65 protection. It has an Intelligent BMS for reliable battery performance, an integrated DC switch, and broad MPPT voltage range (90-520V) for swift, uninterrupted power supply (20ms response time). Compliant with various grid standards, it enhances economic benefits with higher charge-discharge efficiency.

You can easily control it via Wi-Fi or GPRS. Solis 5Kw hybrid Inverter provides 5kW backup power, supports grid-friendly peak management, offers multiple working modes for increased self-consumption, and features 24/7 intelligent energy management for real-time PV plant status monitoring.

Features and Benefits

  • MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm
  • 97.5% Efficiency
  • Intelligent EMS function
  • Multiple protection functions
  • Natural cooling without external fan
  • UPS function
  • WIFI/GPRS Real time monitoring
  • IP65

Solis 3.6 kW Hybrid Inverter 5G (dual MPPT)  

The Solis 3.6kW Hybrid Inverter is a versatile solution suitable for both on-grid PV operations and reliable backup battery storage. Part of Solis’ fifth-generation 5G residential hybrid inverters, it boasts an impressive efficiency rating of 97.5%. This advanced hybrid solar inverter incorporates a 24-hour intelligent energy management system, ensuring efficient energy utilization. It also features a user-friendly 7″ color LCD screen for easy programming and monitoring.

The Solis 3.6kW Hybrid Inverter offers three operating modes: Solar Self-consumption, Timed Charge/Discharge, and Back-Up mode for uninterrupted power during outages.

It’s essential to highlight that when integrating this hybrid solar PV inverter and battery storage controller, it should be appropriately sized, similar to a standard inverter, and, in retrofitting scenarios, replaces the existing inverter.

Features and Benefits 

  • IP65 Rating for durability
  • 5kW Backup Power for reliability
  • Enhanced charge-discharge efficiency for improved economics
  • Proactive AFCI protection to reduce fire risk
  • Remote control and upgrade capabilities
  • Dynamic MPPTs (2 MPPTs with 4 DC inputs) for optimized performance
  • Multiple operating modes to maximize self-consumption
  • 24-hour intelligent energy management system
  • Compatibility with both lithium and lead-acid batteries
  • Fan less design for extended lifespan

Solis S6 Pro 6kw Advanced Hybrid Inverter  

The Solis S6 Pro Hybrid inverter range is designed for today’s solar market, offering advanced features like a maximum PV input of 9600W, dual MPPT, and 16A PV string current. It supports 1-phase and 3-phase parallel connections, allowing up to 6 units for 36kW backup power, and integrates seamlessly with generators.

This inverter features a 24-hour real-time intelligent energy management system accessible via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and an app. It ensures uninterrupted power with a 4ms reaction time and includes a Wi-Fi/LAN datalogger and CT. Backed by a 5-year warranty, extendable to 10 years, it offers reliability for the long term.

Is A Solis Inverter Any Good?

Solis inverters are generally considered to be reliable and offer good performance for solar energy systems. However, like any product, the suitability and quality of a Solis inverter can depend on various factors including your specific solar setup, location, and individual preferences.

DC Power Compatibility with Solis RHI-3.6K-48ES-5G

For photovoltaic (PV) installations, the recommended maximum PV power for the RHI-3.6K-48ES-5G is 7 kW. This capacity is a significant figure as it shows the amount of solar energy that can be efficiently converted to usable AC power.

The Solis RHI-3.6K-48ES-5G can handle a maximum input voltage of 600V. The rated voltage, also known as the operating voltage, stands at 330V. This value represents the voltage level at which the inverter operates most effectively.

Another crucial aspect is the inverter’s start-up voltage, which is the minimum DC voltage required to start the inverter. For the RHI-3.6K-48ES-5G, this stands at 120V. This feature ensures that your solar installation begins energy production and conversion as soon as there’s sufficient sunlight.

When it comes to the MPPT voltage range, the RHI-3.6K-48ES-5G operates within a range of 90-520V. MPPT, or Maximum Power Point Tracking, is an essential feature of solar inverters that allows them to extract the highest possible power from the PV array under varying weather conditions.

Lastly, this inverter model is equipped to manage a maximum input current of 11A per each of its two input strings. The max short circuit current, a vital safety parameter, is at 17.2A.

Remember, while these specifications provide a broad picture of the inverter’s capabilities, it’s always crucial to design your solar installation based on the specific energy needs of your site.

Final Thoughts  

Solis inverters offer a range of options and features that make them a competitive choice for solar energy systems. With a commitment to efficiency, reliability, and intelligent energy management, Solis inverters can efficiently convert solar power into usable electricity while providing real-time monitoring and control.

Their versatility, compatibility with various battery types, and compliance with industry standards ensure that they can be tailored to suit a wide array of solar installations. Furthermore, Solis inverters’ durability, weather-resistant designs, and extended warranties provide peace of mind for the long-term performance of your solar energy system.

MAK Energy specializes in all types of Solis inverters, whether you require installation services or are looking for a Solis inverter DIY solution. For any inquiries related to solar energy or components other than Solis inverters, don’t hesitate to contact MAK Energy. We are here to assist you in the most effective and comprehensive manner.

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