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Before getting anything installed or purchasing anything for your house, you must have a bit of knowledge about it. The same applies to the water underfloor heating system. The process is quite complicated and may cost you more than other heating systems. Before getting the system installed, you need to know how much it costs and what its installation process entails.

Water underfloor heating is a great way to warm your home. However, it is not as trendy as electric underfloor heating systems, and the reason behind its lower number of installations is its upfront cost and installation complexity. However, the running cost is lower than other underfloor heating systems.

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What is Wet Underfloor Heating?

Wet Underfloor heating system, also known as a water heating system, warms up the room through a series of pipes. The pipes are connected to the heating source through the manifold. Water is heated up via the heat source and spreads the warmth throughout the room. The hot water underfloor heating system is becoming increasingly popular among UK households owing to its even temperature, low running cost, and higher reliability and efficiency.

man installing the water underfloor heating
Caption – A man installing the water underfloor heating

How Do Water Underfloor Heating Systems Work?

Water underfloor heating is a system that uses hot water to heat the floor of a room. It works by circulating hot water through a network of pipes that are embedded in the floor. The pipes are typically made of polyethylene or polypropylene and are installed with a spacing of 10-15 centimeters each. The hot water is heated by a boiler, a heat pump, or another source of heat. However, to connect the underfloor heating system to the heating source, such as a heat pump or boiler, you need a manifold.

pipes of water underfloor heating system
Caption – pipes of water underfloor heating system

What is an Underfloor Heating Manifold?

A manifold is a system that connects the underfloor water pipes with the heating source to work together. It consists of two rows of taps, which allow the warm water to circulate from the heating source through the underfloor circuits. The number of pipes and the complexity of the manifold depend on the system size. The larger the system is, the higher the number of pipes and the more complex the manifold will be.

Underfloor Heating Manifold
Caption – Man working on Underfloor Heating Manifold

What is the Required Temperature for Water Underfloor Heating?

The underfloor heating wet system usually runs at a comparatively lower temperature compared to radiators or other types of heating systems. It operates at as low as 35°C compared to 55-60°C. However, the actual temperature required for a hot water underfloor heating system depends on the type of flooring used to cover it. The harder it is for the heat to get through the floor, the higher the water temperature will be. As the underfloor heating wet system is installed with a mixing valve, you can easily adjust the water temperature as per your needs and requirements.

How Much Does Underfloor Heating Wet System Cost?

The underfloor heating water system is more expensive than the electric underfloor heating system, but the running cost of the underfloor heating wet system is significantly lower compared to other types of underfloor heating systems. However, there are still many factors that can affect the overall cost of a hot water underfloor heating system in the UK, including the size to be heated, type of flooring, and labor costs in your area. The underfloor heating wet system is also more efficient than radiators, around 24% more efficient, making the system less expensive in the long run.

Where Can Water Underfloor Heating Be Installed?

The water underfloor heating system can be installed in any space if you have the proper water pipe infrastructure and a suitable heat source. However, the most appropriate spaces for installing the underfloor heating wet system are the kitchen, followed by the living room.

Unlike electric systems, underfloor heating water systems require more space, but they work perfectly in areas where the floor is properly prepared and insulated. Installing a hot water underfloor heating system in a new building is relatively easy, as adjustments can be considered from the start.

If you are considering installing a hot water underfloor heating water system, the first step you need to take is to have your house assessed by a professional installer like MAK Energy. With years of experience in assessing and installing water underfloor heating systems in the UK, MAK Energy is your go-to expert. Contact us now for a free quotation for your underfloor heating system.

Is Wet Underfloor Heating System Suitable for You?

In most cases, the hot water underfloor heating system is installed underneath tiled or stone floors. The system can also be installed under carpet, but the tog (thermal resistance) should not be greater than 2.5, as higher tog values can hinder the amount of heat passing through. Therefore, the system is typically installed in new builds. However, it can still be installed in your existing home, depending on the types of flooring.

Does Underfloor Heating Need a Special Type of Boiler?

You don’t need to buy a special type of boiler for a underfloor heating water system, as the underfloor heating water system is compatible with all types of boilers typically used in homes. This includes combi gas boilers, oil boilers, or tank-based gas boilers. A little adjustment may be required at the time of installation to your existing boiler.

 Benefits of Water Underfloor Heating System

The installation cost of water underfloor heating system is quite high but still it provides you the numerous benefits in the long run.

Cost-Effective Heating

The underfloor heating water system is cost-effective, with running costs quite lower than radiators or electric underfloor heating systems.

Energy Efficient

These systems are 25% more efficient when compared with others. They can operate at lower, more energy-efficient temperatures than other heating systems.


 Underfloor heating systems are very low-maintenance. The only regular maintenance required is to flush the pipes every few years.


Underfloor heating systems do not require any bulky radiators, which can free up space in your home.

How To Find the Best Water Underfloor Heating Installer In The UK?

Installing water underfloor heating is more complex compared to electric underfloor heating, and it may cost more than other heating systems. To ensure a successful installation, it’s essential to hire an MCS-Certified installer. At MAK Energy, a renowned water underfloor heating installer in the UK, we not only hold the MCS certification but also possess extensive experience in handling complex installations tailored to individual needs.

For any inquiries about renewable energy sources, MAK Energy is always here to assist you. Contact us through our provided number and fill out the quotation form to receive a free, no-obligation quotation. Let us help you make the most of efficient and eco-friendly heating solutions for your home.


Water underfloor heating systems are becoming very popular among UK homes, especially in new builds. The system is highly efficient, reliable, and its running cost is much lower than electric underfloor heating systems. The system can be installed with any type of boiler, whether it’s a gas boiler or an oil boiler. Additionally, the system can be installed in any space if the room is properly insulated.

If you are considering installing the underfloor heating system in your home, let MAK Energy make it easy for you. With years of experience in installing underfloor heating wet systems, we know how to handle complex installations. Feel free to contact us for assistance.

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