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Electric vehicles are the future of transportation, and owning them means you are embracing modern technology. Having an electric vehicle has many perks, but the only downside is that you need to be mindful of charging points. To address this issue, EV apps are inevitable as they help you locate the nearest charging points, whether you are at home or abroad.

Whether you are searching for a ev charging point, booking a hotel, or planning EV charging sessions, there is an app for you. Best EV charging apps assist you in navigating, route planning, and finding charging points. However, with hundreds of EV applications available, determining the best one can be an exhausting task. That’s why we have come up with the best EV charging app in the UK.

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Best EV Charging Apps in UK

  1. Zap-Map
  2. Plug Share
  3. Waze
  4. ChargePoint
  5. EV Hotels
  6. Optiwatt
  7. Chargemap
  8. Bonnet
  9. WhattsUp
  10. AppyParking
  11. WhenToPlugIn
  12. BP Pulse
  13. RingGO Parking
  14. EV8 Switch
  15. EVGO
  16. Caura
  17. ChargeHub
  18. Just Park
  19. The AA
  20. Tesla
  21. A Better Routeplanner (ABRP)


Whether you are an EV novice or enthusiastic about electric vehicles, you must have heard about the Zap-Map app. Zap-Map is the best EV charging app in the UK, covering 95% of public charging points on its network. The app assists EV owners in navigating and locating nearby charging stations, and it also offers the convenience of paying for EV charging across the network using Zap-Pay. Notably, Zap-Map was awarded the Driving Electric Award in 2022. The application also keeps users informed about the availability of different charging stations.

Zap-Map offers three plans, including a free plan with basic information.

zap map - best ev charging app uk

Plug Share

If you are planning to travel abroad with your electric vehicle, the PlugShare app must be installed on your smartphone. PlugShare guides users about charging stations across the globe, providing access to a vast network of 533,000 charging stations worldwide. The perks you get with the PlugShare app are endless, but the best one is the world’s largest EV driver community of approximately 300,000 users.

These drivers regularly write reviews about different charging stations in various countries, helping you become aware of the top-ranked and lower-ranked charging points.

plug share logo


Waze is as helpful for non-EV users as it is for EV users. Waze’s advanced features allow users to share navigational information, traffic conditions, incidents, and speed camera locations. The application’s database is updated in real-time, providing users with up-to-date information. This is why Waze is renowned as one of the best EV charging app in the UK. Even Tesla EVs can utilize Waze on their screens for a better route and user experience.

waze - best ev charging app


ChargePoint is one of the largest and best EV charging app in the UK, with over 100,000 charging stations in its network, not only in the UK but also in North America and across Europe. The app shows EV owners the nearest charging stations, the charging rates, and the estimated kilowatts that can be obtained. The best part of the ChargePoint app is its in-app notifications, which provide real-time information about the charging status of your vehicle.

charge point best ev charging app uk

EV Hotels

If you’re planning to travel across the Europe, the most important app you must have on your smartphone is the EVHotel. It makes your travel easy by providing access to 250,000 accommodations points worldwide that have charge points either on-site or within walking distance. The app’s standout feature, making it the best app for EV charging station in UK, is the ability to customize and filter the map. By customizing the map, you can select your desired hotel, set your car’s plug type, and specify the distance between your hotel and the charging station.

ev hotels ev app


Saving money has always been a major concern of every person and Optiwatt is designed to help you save money on charging your electric vehicle. Optiwatt is the best EV charging app in the UK among those who are very concern about the lower charging rates. The app automatically schedule charging for your vehicle when the rate is at its lowest, during peak hours and make sure that your car is fully charged at the lowest possible rates.

optiwatt logo


Chargemap is another highly reputed map for locating charging stations, planning trips, and managing charging for electric vehicles. It is considered one of the best app for EV charging station in the UK and covers a majority of European networks with over 500,000 charging points. Like other top-rated applications, Chargemap provides powerful filtering and route planning options to ensure hassle-free travel. With the Chargemap app, you gain access to over 300,000 charging points in Europe alone.

chargemap logo


Bonnet has the highest number of connections with networks among any other EV app. They have won awards for being the best EV charging app and offer access to over 200,000 charging stations across Europe, including Ionity, MFG, FastNed, Total Energies, and Allego. The application provides real-time information about the charging status, indicating whether a charging station is in use, out of service, or blocked. With their premium subscription, users can enjoy a 15% discount on every charge, regardless of the network and charging point.

bonnet logo


Do you feel overwhelmed while searching for the right station based on your charging requirements? WhattsUp is the best solution for you. Upon logging in, WhattsUp asks you about your charging type and requirements. When you hit the search button for charging points in specific areas, the app will only display stations that meet your needs. WhattsUp is the best app for EV charging station in UK, thanks to its unique and time-saving features.

whatts up best ev charging app


AppyParking stands out from other parking apps by offering a unique feature set. Not only does it display available on-street parking spots, designated spaces, and car parks, but it also provides real-time updates for on-street parking availability, ensuring a hassle-free parking experience. However, it’s worth noting that this app lacks extensive EV-oriented features and does not offer in-car app support.

appy parking logo - ev charging app uk


WhenToPlugIn is an app that informs you about the optimal time to charge your EV vehicle with the cleanest energy available. The application provides information about the electricity generated from renewable energy sources, with a high proportion of electricity fed into the grid. It also displays how the electricity used for EV charging is generated, whether from natural resources or fossil fuels.

whentoplugin - ev charging application

BP Pulse

BP Pulse has replaced its previous application with the new one called Chargemaster. The new app comes with several new features, including the ability to locate and navigate charging points. Additionally, premier members of BP Pulse gain access to a greater number of charging points nearby. BP Pulse is regarded the best EV charging app in the UK due to its features, user-friendly interface, and affordable subscription rates.

BP Pulse - Ev charging App

RingGO Parking

The RingoGo parking app provides compatibility with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. RingGo parking app is considered one of the best parking apps currently available. It assists you in finding parking spaces near your destination with ease. The app also allows you to extend your parking time as needed. You may be surprised to find it listed as an EV charging app as well. RingGo offers the convenience of searching for car parking spaces with charging points, providing dual benefits with just one click.

Ring Go - Ev charging App

EV8 Switch

If you’re considering replacing your EV but unsure which one is the best fit for you, EV8 Switch is here to help. EV8 Switch analyzes your current car and driving habits, studying your typical journeys and routes, and suggests another electric car based on your routine. It also highlights charging points along your regular route. EV8 Switch ensures that you save money through your electric vehicle and charging habits.

ev8 switch


EVGO is regarded as the best EV charging app in UK that helps you easily locate charging points near you. The application displays available charging points, and EVGO also provides the convenience of paying and charging your EV with a single swipe.

evgo - fast ev charging


Caura is an FCA-Approved app that manages all your car needs from one place. By using your vehicle registration number, Caura takes care of everything from parking and road tax to MOT, tolls, insurance, and more. It reduces vehicle-related administrative tasks and helps mitigate penalty fees. While not specifically designed for EV drivers, we believe it is a must-have for any driver. Caura can be used for a single vehicle or to support multiple registered vehicles, making it ideal for fleet managers.


Just Park

JustPark, the UK’s largest parking network boasting over 45,000 locations, serves as the ultimate connection between drivers and available parking spaces. Whether you’re seeking a parking spot or looking to rent out your driveway, JustPark is the essential app for you. It offers real-time parking space availability and streamlines pre-booking and payment processes through a single account.

just park uk ev app


ChargeHub, owing to its features and user interface, regarded as the best app for EV charging station in UK. It efficiently shows you the nearest EV charging stations in your vicinity. Additionally, the application provides a platform for users to share their experiences about different charging points, contributing to its reputation as the best EV charging app in UK.

Charge Hub

The AA

The AA EV charging app is a reliable and convenient tool for electric vehicle owners. With its user-friendly interface, it allows users to easily locate and access charging stations. The app provides real-time information on station availability and pricing, ensuring a seamless charging experience. AA EV charging app is a must-have companion for EV drivers. And increasing number of users of The AA makes it the best EV charging app in UK.

Tesla – Best EV Charging App UK

If you own a Tesla electric vehicle, having the Tesla application on your phone is essential. The Tesla app stands out as the best EV charging app in UK, offering access to their extensive network of supercharging stations. With nearly 100,000 charging points worldwide, the app provides comprehensive coverage. It also monitors the charging process and sends notifications when your EV is fully charged. Additionally, the Tesla app offers various other features like unlocking the car, managing temperature settings, venting the sunroof, and more. These exceptional features solidify Tesla’s position as the best EV charging app in UK and globally.

Tesla ev charging app in the uk

A Better Routeplanner (ABRP)

The ABRP (A Better Route Planner) app is renowned as the best EV charging app in UK. It specializes in efficient journey planning for electric vehicles. By inputting your vehicle type, starting state of charge, and desired charging stop frequency, it calculates optimal charging locations and durations. This enables you to maximize your charge and minimize journey time.

A Better Routeplanner (ABRP)


Can I Charge My EV Without a Card?

Yes, it’s true! You can now charge your electric vehicle without a card. Several EV applications offer contactless payment options, which not only save you money but also valuable time.

Which is the Best EV Charging App in UK?

There are several EV charging apps that can be considered among the best in the UK. When considering features, subscription charges, and reputation, the top contenders in the EV charging category are Tesla, Bonnet, ZAP MAP, and Plug Share.

Is There Any App for Free EV Charging?

Yes, indeed! There are a few apps that provide free EV charging options, such as PlugShare, ChargePoint, EVHotel, EVGO, and others.


The number of electric vehicles is increasing each day, and every EV owner requires an app to navigate, locate nearby charging stations, find parking spaces, and manage car documents. Numerous EV apps are available on both Android and Apple stores, allowing you to choose the one that suits you best.

If you’re tired of searching for an EV charging point, MAK Energy can assist you in installing an EV charging station at your home. With MAK Energy’s EV charging station installation, you can eliminate the hassle of searching for a station and save a significant amount of money. If you have any queries regarding EV charger installation, feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to resolve any issues you may have.

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