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As per the report, more than one million houses, apartments, and buildings have solar panels on their roof. So, to protect the investment of millions of people around the country, it is necessary to save the panels from pigeons and birds making their nest underneath solar panels.

Because solar panels aren’t just a valuable investment but source of energy production. The damage done by these birds can also void the manufacturer’s warranty on your Solar’s components as they use the cabling to make their nest, and the weight of the nest can cause damage to the cables.

 Bird droppings, feathers and the nesting material they use to build underneath can also block sunlight from reaching the panel’s surface, ultimately reducing panel production and overall system performance.

Therefore, if you don’t apply any bird protection for solar panels, it can cost you a lot of time and money in the long run. So, take action before it’s too late.

MAK Energy, an MCS-certified solar installation and cleaning maintenance services provider, is best at handling solar panel pigeon proofing. For further information, please contact us through our contact number or by visiting our office. 


What Does Pigeon Proofing Mean for Solar Panels?

Well, generally, the solar panels’ owner takes measures to stop birds and pigeons from birds and pigeons’ droppings. Usually, the measure includes stopping birds from building the nest and damaging the panels. Dropping and nesting highly affect the solar panel’s efficiency in producing power using the sun’s energy. Keeping pigeons out also means less noise and mess on your roof. It’s about protecting your solar investment and keeping it running smoothly without any problems.

Why Pigeon proofing your solar panels is essential?

Keeping the birds away from your place where solar panels are installed isn’t just a reason for pigeon-proof; it is also about ensuring solar PV systems work efficiently because pigeons and birds’ nests—have several issues. Let’s discuss the major problems they can create for your system.


Physical Damage

Pigeons love to make nests under solar panels. While building a nest, there is a high chance of cables being damaged. Birds’ weight, the material they carry for nesting, and the habits of roosting can physically damage the solar panels.

Reduced Efficiency

Even though solar panels do not need many maintenance services, pigeon dropping can stop sun rays from reaching the solar panels’ surface, which could ultimately reduce the panels’ efficiency, and you may have to pay a high electricity bill.

Maintenance Cost

 Too many pigeons increase maintenance and cleaning costs. It can also become a headache for owners who spend a lot of time removing the birds’ droppings daily. 

Why is solar panel bird-proofing the most effective solution?

Removing bird droppings and debris is quite a difficult task because the panels need cleaning daily. On the other hand, protecting the solar panels from building nests is a one-time solution. Birds are habitual visitors unless they are deterred. Particularly, pigeons regularly visit those places with their nests. If the behavior of such birds passes to their offspring, it will be more challenging to get them away from the system.  

Bird-Proofing your solar panels: Prevention is better than cure

Pigeon proofing was not done by solar panel companies in the UK at the time of installation. Therefore, owners need to get pigeon-proofing for their solar panels as soon as possible to prevent further loss.

How does MAK Energy protect your solar panels from Pigeons?  

MAK Energy’s proofing process involves three steps: We ensure that your solar PV system is properly maintained and clean and produces enough electricity for your home.

  1. First, make sure the birds do not land on your solar panels. For this, we use repellent gel, which restricts birds and pigeons from landing on the solar panels, ultimately protecting them from debris.
  • After applying the gel, the next step is to prevent birds from getting underneath. We use mesh fitting around the solar panels, which includes special material clips to secure the mesh to the panels. Alternatively, we can install bird spikes around the solar panels.
  • To prevent birds from sitting and causing trouble on your roof, we simply install pigeon spikes where they tend to land. These spikes deter them from perching and creating a mess


The efficiency of the overall solar PV system highly depends on the maintenance and cleaning of the solar panels. as they are the real source of absorbing the sun power and converting it into electricity for the use in home or offices. But one such problem that home owners particularly face is the birds and pigeons dropping that can damage the solar panels not just physically but also its performance.

MAK Energy make sure your solar panels do not become the home place for birds, for that we use three easy steps it starts with apply the gel which restrict the birds to stay away form the panels. then mesh is fitted around the solar panels and at the end we put up some birds’ spikes to stop their landings.

If you need any information regarding solar panel bird proofing, feel free to contact us by filling our form or by contacting us at the given number. 

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