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Solar Thermal Heaters

Solar thermal heaters use similar technology to photovoltaic systems, in that they generate energy using solar radiation from the sun. The difference, is that they generate heat for providing hot water in place of traditional boilers and immersion heaters.

Hot Water

Free, renewable energy. Your hot water can be expensive with traditional boiler systems, but with solar thermal heaters, running costs can be severely reduced or even eliminated.

It is possible to even combine with you current boiler, so that hot water is available in times of low solar radiation. With solar hot water heaters, only 5% or less of all hot water requirements will then come from a boiler -- the rest will come from the panels.

Renewable Energy

The cost of renewable energy products has fallen rapidly over the last decade. It has come to the point now where domestic investment is possible. Simply, renewable energy is the future. Without it, the days ahead are bleak, and uncertain. The price of oil and gas will rise, to the point where they will no longer be affordable.

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