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Solar panels, renewable energy and Wind turbines.

We design, supply and install domestic and commercial energy solutions including solar panels, solar thermal heaters and wind turbines. We are renewable energy installers.

Established in 2007, we are a family run business. Based in Wickford, Essex, MAK Energy are dedicated to providing the best possible renewable energy solutions to both residential and commercial customers.

We offer proven technologies from high quality manufacturers, and we take great pride in our work. All of our professionals work in-house, so you will always be dealing with us and only us; we do not outsource.

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News Updates

30 May 2018 - Google launches solar service in UK

Google is offering a new service, which it says could help British homeowners save money by switching to solar power.

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13 May 2018 - Batteries included in energy storage ideas

The government has lost another appeal in its battle to cut subsidies for solar panels.

This means that anyone who registered and installed solar panels before March 2 will continue to receive the higher feed-in tariff[...]
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20th March 2018 - Subsidy-free renewable energy projects set to soar in UK, analysts say

Falling cost of wind and solar will unlock £20bn of investment, Aurora Energy Research says.

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12 Feb 2018 - After the 'sunrush': what comes next for solar power?

The fall in costs that has driven solarís rapid growth is slowing - but scientists are exploring the next generation of materials that can harness more energy from the sun.
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