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  • Save on half of your energy bills
  • Sell your unused energy
  • All payments tax free

Solar Panels

Solar power is an investment for the future. It can help offset your monthly bills, but thats not all -- you can also sell any excess electricity generated. They pay you -- not the other way around.

Why pay more? Gas and Electricity prices continue to rise without stopping for breath.

Look at what you can do:

  1. Generate your own electricity
  2. Half or even eliminate monthly power bills
  3. Reduce your Carbon Footprint
  4. Increase the value of your property, tax-free.
  5. Receive Government grants, incentives and more!
  6. Sell all excess power generated

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Energy bills are rising from 20% to 30% per year, with no end in sight. A commercial solar power system for your business gives you the ability to offset electricity rate increases and even eliminate your electricity bill. And because solar is a proven technology backed by a 10-year labour and a 20-year manufacturer's warranty, you will be enjoying fixed electricity rates for the next quarter century or more!

We can install different kinds of solar panels including non-penetrating flat plate products for commercial roofs. This latest advancement in solar can be installed quickly without voiding existing roofing warranties.

In addition to commercial solar solutions, we also offer a wide range of residential power systems. Our solar power systems are in compliance with all electricity suppliers and can be installed as on- or off-grid.

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Solar Electricity

Solar power is not new and was in fact first discovered in the 19th century. Despite this, it is only during the last couple of years that advancements in technology and materials, have made it an economically viable proposition for every day home owners.

Solar PV panels charge a battery, which is then used to provide electricity. What this means, is that though the panels do not generate at night time, excess energy generation is available later on in the day when the sun is down and the panels are no longer generating.

What You'll Get

Since April 2010, the government introduced the Feed in Tariff scheme, amied at rewarding those who invest in renewable energy such as Solar. For every kWh unit of electricity generated, the government will pay you a fixed fee, regardless of whether that energy is used. To make solar energy even more attractive, get this -- energy companies will pay you, for all excess energy generated that you do not use.

Not only do you save money, you make it! Better still -- these payments are TAX FREE, index linked and guaranteed by Government, for the next 25 years!

Switching energy providers will not be necessary as each and every one of them, are involved with this national scheme. The next time that a bill is sent out for the (reduced) amount of power taken from the grid, a payment will also accompany it.