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Fuel Cells

Hydrogen is the simplest element in the universe. It is in everything, because it is everything. Fuel cells are what you see used in rocket engines, and other types of vehicle where powerful fuel is needed. Fuel cells are rocket fuel -- they burn quick and they are safe, efficient and reliable.

Despite what some may think, fuel cells are actually renewable energy. When used in rocket engines, their main by-product is literally pure water -- H2O. During space missions, crewmen in fact drink from by-products of fuel consumption, because that by-product is literally water.

Pure hydrogen is harder to find, so a process of reforming is used, that is, separating the hydrogen from hydrocarbons (what makes up most of our fuel today) with heat energy. Using electrical currents, the water can also be separated into its pure components hydrogen and oxygen -- the hydrogen can then be used again, and again, and again. Not only is it renewable energy -- it is self-sustaining.


This is something for the future. It is said that in the next decade, more homes will start to be powered by fuel-cells. Hydrocarbon fuel cells will always produce electricity so long as hydrogen is supplied.

Renewable Energy

And lots of it. When people have solar photovoltaic systems installed, most energy is then generated by the panels, but about 10% is still needed from energy companies. With fuel cells, you cut down your bills even further, to the point where they become negligible.

fuel cells